One thing I love this time of year, is the excuse to wear the most  tacky jumper I can find! I think Christmas jumpers are great, they are comfy, cosy and festive. However as they only come out for a very brief few months each year, they are not exactly something you want to break the bank buying. I've got a few here, which I love, that also happen to be pretty budget friendly.

Primark Elf Jumper - This one is my absolute favourite, it has so much tacky greatness to it, it even lights up, which everyone seems to love! That does however make it non washable, which is a bit of a pain and means it's only really good for one year. However I love the design, and it's super cosy. I got this one from Primark and I'm afraid my memory is playing me up, so I can't remember the exact price but it was around the £10-£15 mark.
This colourful number came from H&M - it's slightly thinner and not as cosy as the other two, however design screams Christmas as it was only £12.99.

 This final jumper I picked up in Next. I think this one is slightly more subtle with it's monochrome Christmas print, which is perfect if you just want to add a dash of Christmas to your outfit in a more chic way. It's also super soft, and slightly longer on the bum, which makes it great to wear with legging. This one was £22, slightly more than the other two, however the quality seems much better and I still think that's a bargain compared to some Christmas jumper prices out there.

How will you be keeping warm this Christmas? 
I think a Christmas jumper is a great way to wrap up!

Love Chloé