November 30th - December 6th
Feelings: I've been in fairly good spirits all week, I'm beginning to look forward to Christmas now so that is keeping me positive.

Work: Work has been work, nothing much to say about it.

Home: As well as work has been work, the home has been home, there's no real update there.

Out and About: This week has been quite nice - on Friday evening I went for food with my friend Hannah and it was super lovely to catch up, we have so much to talk about. I also had a rather nice day Saturday, I went for a coffee, popped to the mall and went to see Jaynie's new apartment.

Watching and Reading: Of course, there are so many vlogs to watch at the moment, it's hard to choose my favourite, however, I think I am going to write a full blog post on my favourites. I've not been reading much at all recently, I've just been busy and haven't found myself getting into any new books, blogs or magazines.

Purchases: A coat and dress I order from Missguided arrived this week - I think the coat may be going back but the dress is definitely a keeper. A pair of Vans I ordered also arrived this week which I love, and I also got myself a new Christmas jumper, because you can never have too many.

Highlight of the week: Catching up with Hj - sometimes a good old chat with a friend over dinner is much needed.

How this weeks goal went: Honestly - it just didn't really happen. Oops sorry figure.

Goal for next week: Finish my Christmas shopping.