After a long time of lusting, I finally invested in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit. I decided to go for the shade light after much consideration - I probably could have done with the shade Fair, as I found the highlight shades on this aren't too light on me.

Overall I like the constancy of this product, it's all very creamy and blends like a dream.
The kit comes with the three highlight shades: Fair, Neutral and Banana
and the three contour shades: Java, Light Sculpt, and Havana.
If I'm honest, I don't think there's much difference between each of the contour shades. They are all a grey toned brown which creates a very real looking shadow when used to contour - I've tried all of the shades and think they all do the job perfectly. Havana is a slightly darker shade, and Light Sculpt has a slightly more orange tone to it, however, the shades are so similar I think you could get away with just one of the shades
There's a much clearer difference between the highlight shades. 'Fair' is the lightest, most neutral shade, with just a slight pink tone to it. The shade 'neutral' has a pink tone to it, and the shade banana has a yellow tone to it. Having the option of all three highlights mean you can choose the shade more suited to you skin tone and it also allows you to use them as a kind of concealer/colour corrector - for example, I've found the shade Neutral to be great around my eyes as the pink tone seems to counter-act any yellow tones under my always tired eyes.
The colours are highly pigmented and create a natural contoured look as long as they are blended well. I'm fairly new to contouring, but after watching a youtube video or two I found this contour kit easy enough to work with first time around. I don't think all the shades are really necessary, however I have used them all, and I think I will get use of all of the shades, just maybe not at the same time.

When ordering the contour kit, I spent some time umming and erring over whether to get the Cream Contour Kit, and the Powder Contour Kit, but I am so happy I went for the cream kit, I think the cream finish creates a slight dewy look to my dry dull skin. I also think cream gives a much more natural finish, and easily blends.

Have you tried this product before? I'd love to hear your thoughts!