December 7th - 13th
Instagrams of the week
Left-Right: The Best Day Ice Skating | Important Quote | Pastel Pink Obsession.

Weekly Summary
Feelings: I've progressively getting happier throughout this week. Overall I've been in pretty good spirits this week.

Work: I had one really bad day at work, but I guess it's got to get worse before it gets good because despite a crappy Monday the rest of the week was good.

Home: all has been the same at home. 

Out and About: I went for a drink Monday night which was much needed after the day I had at work, Friday night was my work Christmas meal - unfortunately I felt poorly so left earlier than I would have liked.  I went Ice Skating and for lunch with my Auntie and Uncle on Saturday which was lovely, and went Christmas shopping today - it's been a good week, I've done lots of nice things.

Watching and Reading: I've been pretty busy so I haven't watched or read much this week, so nothing to tell you about in this category

Purchases: Of course, I have bought Christmas presents this week which I can't tell you about. I also got some bits to wrap my Christmas presents with and to do some Christmas crafts with, however, I've got a haul coming tomorrow so you'll hear more about them then.

Highlight of the week: Ice skating with my Uncle - I don't see him enough and I love ice skating.

How this weeks goal went: I got all of my christmas presents apart from one which I'm pretty pleased with.

Goal for next week: Be positive all week.