As much as I'd like to say I made the beautiful Christmas Wreath, I didn't - my Mum did, however as I thought it was so lovely it was worth a blog post.

My mum booked a Christmas Wreath making class at Berwick Lodge in Bristol. She went by herself (unfortunately I had worked so couldn't make it) which I thought she might find a little awkward, but Mum said she didn't mind going alone, and plenty of the other people she met there went alone, and everyone got chatting.

They had mince pies and mulled wine while they made their wreaths - the lady showed them the best way to do it, and they could choose anything they wanted to put on their wreath from a wide selection of bits and pieces provided.

I'm really impressed with the final and our front door is certainly looking much more Christmasy!

If you have any questions about the class which mum went to, or how she made the wreath, I'm happy to ask her and pass the answers on!
Will you be hanging a wreath on your front door this Christmas?