As she does this time every year, my Mum is constantly asking me what I would like for Christmas, so she can, of course, make sure Santa gets it right. While trying to figure out what exactly was going on my list for Santa, I decided to blog it, you never know, Father Christmas could be regular reader.

So here are some bit I've been lusting after and would be much appreciated if they happen to be under my tree on Christmas day.

  • Olympus 45mm Lens - I'm still waiting on my Olympus Pen Camera, but when it arrives (soon hopefully), I'd love to have this Lens to go with it. I've heard good stuff about this Lens - I've been told it's great for taking outfit photos - which is something I want to start doing more for my blog, so if I got this one under the Christmas tree this year I'm sure it would soon become well used and loved. 
  • Gorillapod (Tripod) - I think this little tripod will come in super handy for blog photos - no more balancing my camera on random objects to get the perfect shot.
  • Vogue subscription - I love flicking through fashion magazines, I think they're great for inspiration and to escape the world around me. A subscription to Vogue would be the perfect gift, it would be lovely to receive a little treat to read for a few months beyond Christmas.
  • Gwen UD Palette - I have fallen a little bit in love with the palette. As it's a Christmas limited addition I needed to make sure this one went on my wishlist! All of the shades look stunning and I can't wait to try a few out - I'm especially excited to give the blue and pink shades a go! I know they might not be your everyday colours, but I'm sure you could create some amazing eye-catching looks with them. 
  • Dior Hypnotic Poison Eu De Toilette I love the smell of this perfume, it such a mature signature scent - go give it a sniff, it smells beautiful. I'd love a bottle of this for Christmas - perfume aren't something I tend to buy myself, so when I fall in love with one, it makes the best present ever.

What are you hoping Santa will bring down your Chimney?

Love Chloe