A colour combination which I have been obsessed with recently is Black and Gold. I think these colours work so well together to create a really elegant look. So as these colour obsession posts go, here are some bits black and gold bits I've been loving with links to where they're from. I think the gold is especially nice to the up coming festive season.
Kate Spade Notebook - I think this is the nicest notebook I have ever laid my eyes on. The quote on the front is one of my favourite quotes.
Olivia Burton Watch (similar linked) - I wear this watch every day, it's such a classic style it goes with everything.
Pandora Ring - I'm not going to lie, this ring is actually my sisters, not mine, but I feel so envious every time I see her wear it I had to pop it in the post. It's so beautiful. Unfortunately, I can't find a link to this one, but it was from Pandora a few years back.
Asos Moon Necklace (similar linked) - Being obsessed with the moon like I am, I love wearing this simple golden moon necklace to add a finishing touch to an outfit.
Chanel Lipstick I'm a massive fan of Chanel Lipsticks, as well as having an amazing colour range and formulas, they also come in the most beautiful black and gold package that makes you want to get them out of your handbag just to show off how pretty they are.

What do you think of this colour combo?

Love Chloe