Activities to inspire creativity blog post - paint, art, crochet, writing, flowers
Activities to inspire creativity blog post - paint, art, crochet, writing, flowers
Activities to inspire creativity blog post - paint, art, crochet, writing, flowers

As the world begins to ease back into normality, I've felt uninspired and lacking creativity. Being an introvert, after finally meeting up with friends I've wanted to do nothing but sit alone and play Sim 4, which let's be honest, as fun as Sims is, I don't aspire to be that girl who spends every evening playing computers game (if you do, then you do you). Several years ago, I realised, I'm happiest when I'm creative, so I've decided to make an effort to find time for creativity, and to integrate creativity into my hobbies and day-to-day life.
 Finding the right creative hobby for you can be a struggle - so today in this blog post, I thought I'd share some activities that inspire creativity if like me you've been looking for a way to get those post lockdown creative juices flowing.

5 Activities to Inspire Creativity.

1) Painting:

Watercolours, acrylics, oil paint, or just a simple pencil drawing - I love it all. There's something special, and freeing about creating art especially once you let go of the outcome (my friend Stacie is great at talking about this).

2) Crafting for a get-together:

As lockdown is easing in in the UK, and the sun seems to be shining for us, why not take advantage of this and combo social with creativity. We haven't seen our friends in a while, so even if you're just having two friends over for a BBQ in your garden, why not make the most of it and decorate for the event? It's a fun way to use your creative energy and it will make seeing your pals even more memorable. I personally love the idea of creating a theme and running with it. For a garden event (within the restriction rules), I'd love to go with an insect theme, creating bumblebee bunting throughout the garden, or ladybug cake topper - You can use ladybug clipart, or bumblebee clipart to find the perfect designs, get out your scissors and glue and get creative. When your friends arrive, you can either keep the crafts out and get creative together, or just enjoy a catch-up amongst your bumblebee and ladybug decorated garden.

3) Crochet:

Crocheting is something I have spoken about on this blog many times (see posts here and here). It's one of those hobbies, that once you get the hang of it, it feels so natural and eases any tension, plus you get to create something lovely - I'm still chuffed I managed to crochet myself a jumper (you can see it here). Also if you love the look of crocheted bits, but hooks and yarns aren't for you, I often sell crocheted pieces on my Etsy store. Crochet is a great one if you want to be great creative, but you also want to watch your favourite Netflix show - once you get into it, it doesn't feel as though it takes too much time away from you because it's that perfect in front of the TV hobby - I'd definitely recommend picking up a hook and some yarn, popping on a Youtube tutorial and giving it a go.

4) Photography:

A creative hobby I've really been enjoying lately is photography (which has left me obsessed with Instagram all over again, you can find my insta here). Photography is great because it makes you look for the beauty in everyday things. Whether it's phone photography, film photography or you're getting out your fancy DSLR, it all counts. 

5) Write:

I've always seen myself as a writer (I wrote about my dreams of being a writer here), I think there's something therapeutic in putting thoughts onto paper, and there's magic in the storytelling aspect of writing. I like to write everything from poetry, to think pieces that share all of my unpopular opinions. I find putting words on paper is a great way to be creative, you can keep what you write to yourself, in your journal if you want to the pressure away from the creative hobby too. It's therapeutic and I find empty my thoughts onto a page, which helps me make room for any other creative hobbies I want to embark on.

Activities to inspire creativity blog post - paint, art, crochet, writing, flowers

What's your favourite creative hobby? Let me know if any of these take your fancy.