As I have a new top which is very colourful (blogpost coming soon!), I decided to be a bit more experimental with my nail polish to match. I'm the first admit I'm not the greatest at painting my nails, however I like to try.

Here I used three different blues all from Barry M, in the shades 291 Cobalt Blue,  294 Cyan Blue, 340 Aqua Glitter.

I narrowed it down to three blue colours I liked, and as I couldn't decide which one to go for, I went a little crazy and used all three!
I like to have one nail a different shade, I just think it makes things more interesting, so I went for the Cobalt Blue on my ring fingers.
I then opted for  Cyan Blue all over the rest of my nails, with Aqua Glitter on the cuticle fading upwards to add some sparkle to the look, but hopefully avoiding a over the top trashy glitter look. What do you think?