As I wanted an easy holiday read I decided to pick up Paper Towns by John Green, which I'm sure you have all heard of by now.

John Green novels seem to be loved by the world, and with good reason, I believe too. John Green has the ability to write ordinary emotions in a beautiful way, making the characters in the book completely relatable yet in some ways they also seem quite remarkable. His characters have a balance of being so ordinary, however still really something.

The story of Paper Towns is based around a guy who's in high school, who has grown apart from his neighbour Margo as they have grown up, however, he still has one of those forever growing crushes on her teens tend to get, so when she turns up at his window for a late-night adventure they have the most amazing time and then being the mysterious character Margo is, she then disappears the following day, Quentin, the main character then makes it his mission to find her - and that's all I'm going to say on the storyline so that I do not give too much away.

What I found with this book, along with other John Green books I've read is that it was necessarily the storyline that got me hooked, more the thought-provoking style of writing and the intriguing characters. I sure more of you have heard by now, that the film Paper Towns is due to come out soon, and the lady with perfect eyebrows, who seems to be everywhere and loved everyone Cara Delevingne is playing the role of Margo. I read the book knowing this, and found myself picturing Cara as Margo - I know this can sometimes ruin a character if you begin to see them as someone else - however, from reading the book this seems like the most perfect casting. Picturing Cara playing Margo made the character for me, I just hope the film does not disappoint!

What I loved about this book is that I found it to be one of those stories I could not stop thinking about once I finished reading it. I've heard a lot of people say they were disappointed with the ending, I, however, loved the ending,  I felt that was what made the story stay with me once I closed the book. The book was an easy read, however, I hate to say it- some small parts were a little boring and possibly not really needed. I enjoyed the book, however, I went into reading it with high expectations which made the book slightly disappointing - only because it wasn't my favourite John Green novel I've read, and it didn't quite leave me with the same feeling as Looking for Alaska.

If you're looking for something new to read I would definitely recommend picking this book up - however as I've said, it's not my favourite John Green book, yet it's enjoyable nonetheless.