While I was on holiday we went to a tailor and where I had this beautiful, colourful t-shirt made.
As I got it in India I went for a traditional Indian top design, which would usually be worn with trousers - however, I decided against getting the trouser to as I felt I wouldn't get the wear out of them.

I choose the fabric myself. Considering how many fabrics there were to choose from, it really didn't take me much time to decide on a fabric. I automatically felt drawn to this material because I love all of the vibrant colours.

Once I had chosen the style and fabric I wanted I was then measured, which only took a matter of minutes.  I was asked what length I wanted the hem and arms, so it was made completely to my measurements and chosen lengths.

My friend managed to snap a few shots of me being measured

Once I had my measurements taken, I then paid and left it to the tailors to go their stuff. They then delivered my top (along with everything else everyone from my tour group ordered) within in a couple of hours. All together I paid around £16 for this, which I think is incredible, considering in the UK you'd struggle to get a decide t-shirt for that price, let alone a made to measure piece in beautiful fabric.

 As the top is such a statement piece I decided to keep the rest of the outfit simple by just wear black footless tights and black shorts (which are covered by the length of the top, but they are there promise) and some heel peep-toe shoe boots.

I am a little bit in love with this outfit, especially as I'm the only person with this top!
I'd love to hear what you think of it.