I can't believe I have waited so long to write a blogpost on this book (although it did get a mention in my March Favourites), I read The Night Circus a while back and have not stopped thinking about it since. I'm going to make a pretty big statement here, I would now say this is my favourite book of all time! That's right, it's even over taking Harry Potter.

So, what is so great about this book? I'll try to explain, please excuse if I'm not very clear - I don't want to give anything away.

The story revolves around those who 'work' in a somewhat magical Night Cirucs. The main character is an illusionist who has been been magically bound to compete with someone else within the Circus. There is an air of mystery to the story as both the reader, and the characters know very little about bizarre competition, however the characters have been bought up being trained to be ready to compete and all that happens within the circus is a result of the competition, in fact the circus is the result of the competition - in simple words the circus is their arena.

The book is full of enchanting characters from the tattooed contortionist, a loved up fortune teller and the red hair twins who have been bought up in the circus, one with ability to read an individuals past, the other with the ability to read the future in star (and adorably called Poppet and Widget).
I'm sure you can tell by now it's all pretty magical set up. The best way I can think to describe the book is by saying it's enchanting. It's one of those books which really allows you to escape into a different world. 
One thing I really loved about this book is that the narrative with set pretty early on, I was hooked within the first chapter, unlike a lot of books where you have to read pretty much half of the story before you feel as though anything has happened. As soon as I picked up this book I struggled to put it down.
There are also lots of different aspects to the story, including some underlying love stories,
I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone with a strong imagination and a open mind.

I personally really loved this book because it felt so magical, yet somehow not unbelievable or childish.
Have you read this book? What did you think?