Today is my 23rd birthday! I can hardly believe I am 23, I only feel (and look) about 16.
I just thought I would share  on my little blog what a lovely day I am having, and pictures of cake because everyone loves cake, right?!

As I have now finished uni this is the first birthday I have had been at home in 3 years, so it is really nice to see family on my birthday and be in my family home. 

Earlier today I went out with my sister for lunch and hot chocolate, she booked the day off work so I didn't have to be home alone on my birthday which was super sweet of her. 

When we got back my mum then returned home from work with the cutest and yummiest cupcake for me.

I then got to open some lovely presents in a room which mum had completed with a Happy Birthday sign and balloons.(how cute is my mum?!).  All my presents have been super thoughtful and much appreciated, maybe I'll share some of them with my blog at some point.

I have received lots of lovely birthday messages, my favourite had to be the one from Jaynie which included a collage of old pictures of us, just being a bit weird!
Later on today I am going for a family meal, and also have a night out with friends next weekend, so I have birthday celebrations to still look forward to, if I take any nice photos I am sure they'll pop up on my blog at some point!

I am a very lucky girl and I am having the most perfect birthday!
I hope you're all having a good day too,
Love Chloe