As I have recently found myself taking blog more seriously and enjoying writing posts almost daily, I thought it was about time my blog appearance followed suit and reflected how much time I spend blogging, the enjoyment I get from it and more of who I am. My previous blog theme was something I had installed for the meantime so I could enjoy blogging but never intended to keep, as I felt it was boring, not at all personal, had no relation to myself, blog content or anything for that matter - it was just plan, and also looked unprofessional. I felt the weakest part of my blog was the theme.

So I decided to change it... originally I tried to do this myself, however I just found myself become frustrated and as I found my blog was slowly beginning to look worse rather than better. - That's when I realised I needed some help.

I, however, did not want to spend much money on my blog makeover as I am not earning any money from my blog, nor do I have much to spare.

 I ended up contacting Trisarahtops Smiles who redesigned my blog for me. I paid £15 in total, £5 deposit and £10 more once I was happy with the overall design, which I think is great value considering what some people charge for blog design.

The process was so much easier than I imaged - I contacted Sarah about how the process worked and she responded helpfully and almost immediately. She told me that she had some other blogs to work on but as soon as she had finished those she would start on mine, I expect to be waiting a little while before she has a chance to get started on mine, however it was only a week or so later that she contacted me with an initial banner design for my blog.

I've got to admit I was very surprised by how accurate the first draft of my banner was, it was very close to what I was looking for which I didn't expect, especially as I felt the descriptions I gave were not the clearest.

I gave Sarah a few small changes to make, which she made immediately, and very shortly email I new draft of the banner over to me to see if I was happy with the changes.

Once Sarah sent me the initial banner design it only took a matter of days before my completed blog design was ready and installed. I was so impressed with how quick the process was, how understanding Sarah was of my ideas and how much was communicated with me throughout the proccess.

I absolutely love my new blog design, it's nicer that I could have imaged and is exactly what I was looking for. If you're looking to have your blog redesigned I would strongly recommend going to Trisarahtops Smiles!

I hope you all like my new blog design as much as I do!

Love Chloe


ps this post is not at all sponsored and I have not been asked to write this, I am just so happy with my new blog I wanted to talk about the process of its make over :)