As I officially turned 23 yesterday I thought today it would be nice to share with my blog some photos/memories from being 22 and everything that's happened in the past year of my life. Be aware... there are a lot of photos so I'm going to do it in a few different collages...

Left to right: 
♥ 22 birthday celebrations with Amy in Plymouth ♥ Blowing out candles ♥ Birthday night out at home with some favourites ♥ Classy toilet photo with Amy ♥ Myself and Daniel ♥ High Side Ponytails with Jessy ♥ Night out with Jessy, Benj and Matthew John Tovey ♥  We've gained a hat ♥ Kisses for Jaynie ♥ The best outfits with Rosie♥ Cowboy Benji ♥ Matt visiting Plymouth ♥ Pouting with Mummy ♥ Mothers day ♥ Happy Birthday Jaynie ♥ Myself and Matt ♥

Jaynieeee ♥ Myself and Hannah ♥ Kisses for Dan ♥ My buds ♥ Jesses ♥ Favourites ♥ Flowers in my hair ♥ Jess and a view ♥ Walking shot ♥ Myself and Jessy V ♥ Rosie and Josie ♥ Fashion show day with Stacie ♥ Final Collection ♥ Excited buds ♥ 'Now we've got to get jobs' faces ♥ Fashion girls

♥ Buds ♥ Watching Fashion Show Run through ♥ GFW with Favourites ♥ Myself and Hannah ♥ Welcome home Kerry drunkeness ♥ Foam Party ♥ Myself and Matt ♥ Pretending to be 16 with Jaynie and Amy ♥ Wedding fun ♥ Red headed cousins ♥ Sister sister ♥ Happy 18th Birthday Elle ♥ Drinks with Jess and Hannah ♥ Night out with Jen♥ Graduation