Recently I decided to mix up how I was applying my foundation and concealer, as for some reason I don't seem to get on too well with foundations and concealer brushes, and I don't really like to use my fingers. So I thought I'd give the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge a go.

Despite using Real Technique Brushes a lot and really like them, I have got to say I didn't have high expectations for the sponge, I think this was mainly because using a sponge reminded me of being young, have no idea how to apply makeup and my fail attempts using cheap sponges - however using this sponge, is fortunately far from my memories of being 15 and failing at applying my foundation to a decent standard using a sponge.

I decided to watch one of the videos on the Real Techniques website before using the sponge so I could see how the sponge was created to be used. I was impressed by the number of uses you can get from this one sponge - it can be used for foundation, concealer under the eyes, concealer on blemishes, cream blusher, and power. When I purchased the sponge I only intended to use it for foundation, I have also been using it for concealer and blusher too which is a nice bonus. 

What I like most about the sponge is the clever shape. The shape really allows you to ensure you get in all of the small creases of the face, and all around the nose, I have to say I struggle to find a brush which makes getting in all the nooks and crannies easy. 

The main problem I had with using foundation brushes (or any brush to apply my foundation), is that the finish wouldn't look natural, it wouldn't blend as I'd like so I would also have to use my hand for blending too. Using brushes I felt too much like I was painting my face, and I think it looked like it too - maybe I just don't have a great technique with faces brushes, but nonetheless, the finish would not be as I had intended using a brush. 

I like my foundation and concealer to look fairly natural, I don't like heavy face make up on myself, just some light coverage, which I think using the sponge is perfect for. Using the sponge allows you to really blend the makeup in to suit the texture (is that the word I am looking for? I'm not sure, but you know what I mean, right?) of your skin. 

Using this sponge I have found my base make up has applied quickly and just as I have intended it to.
I would definitely recommend this to those who like natural-looking makeup and if you don't get on too well with face brushes.