It feels like ages since I have sat and wrote a blog post, however it has only been just over a week. I was getting into a routine of blogging almost daily, and originally planned to publish a blog post every day during November,  yet I soon found myself uninspired, and lacking blog post ideas, after some thought I decided I would rather not force blog posts although it would mean not sticking to daily blogging. I don't want blogging to begin to feel like a chore, and I don't want to lose the enjoyment of blogging or forget why I started. At the end of the day blogging is a hobby I enjoy, I do not earn any money (or product) from my blog, so although it nice to have a blog which publishes posts with great photos and thought out content every day, it's nicer to blog for enjoyment without the pressure of forcing a post each day, and I think that enjoyment shines through within the post content, making it a much nicer read.

Another reason the blog posts have been lacking this week is I have started a new job. It's nothing too exciting I am afraid, I am simply working as a Christmas Temp in a retail store. So far I have only been working really short hours, I have found it super tiring as I am still settling into the job and trying to get into some sort of a routine, which is difficult when shifts are constantly varying.

Another (slightly more shallow) change I've had recently is to my hair, I've had my long (it was past my boobs at one point) cut off. I did it in two stages because I didn't want it to be too much of a shock. It now sits just on my shoulders. It is also no longer red. After having vibrant red hair for years I decided I need a change to it, so I have dyed it darker in an attempt to hide the red. Some people have told me it's still red, but it is nowhere near as red as it once was. I've got to say although not many people seem to keep, it's good to no longer to be red. Eventually I want to go a dirty blonde colour, however, that is going to take a while to until all of the red is gone, and then I still have to lighten it (hopefully without ruining my hair too much).

On Saturday night I had a night out in Bristol for mine, Amys and Matts birthdays with some friends which were really nice. It meant catching up with friends, drinking and dancing. I haven't had a night out in town in ages so I felt it was much needed. I meant to take some photos to share on here, but I was too busy having a good time to get my camera out, so I was only in one photo the entire night (which I don't think I look too great in).

It was a really enjoyable night, it definitely made me realise that I have missed nights out and some friends that I haven't seen in a while. 

On Sunday just gone it was my friend Matts birthday so a group of us went out for food (I was surprisingly not too hungover from the night before which is always good!), which was also really lovely. It feels like quite a long time since I've spent time with some of my friends so catching up was nice. It was a nice end to the weekend.

Yesterday when I finished work I had a nice little catch up with my friend Dan (the photo below is a super old photo of us)

Me and Dan had a nice catch-up and did a little shopping. I got myself a Christmas jumper (I'm getting excited already!), and a Harry Potter t-shirt (because who doesn't love Harry Potter?!). We also walked through the German Christmas market in town which felt very festive, and a happy place to be.
 I hadn't seen Dan in absolutely ages, but what I love about our friendship is no matter how long it has been our friendship stays the same. We had lots of catch up on, and I got a few things off my chest, and got a bit of advice too. I definitely need to start seeing Dan more often, he's one of the few people I feel like I can talk about anything too. 

Despite a few little things (I might do a blogpost, I haven't yet decided if it's too personal) I am a very happy girl.