In my most recent haul (which you can find here) you'll know I picked up the Hot Vanilla Fudge Clay Face Mask from Primark for just 90p which I think is such a bargain! 
As I used the face mask Saturday I thought I'd do a little review to let you know my opinion on this one so you can decide if it's worth picking up.

I've got to say this product exceeded my expectations - costing just 90p, I didn't think it would be great, but as it was so cheap I have nothing to lose. 
Firstly I was super impressed by the scent, although it says it's vanilla fudge flavour I wasn't anticipating it quite to smell so strongly of vanilla fudge, it smelt delicious, I felt half tempted to eat it! 
Also, another thing which surprised me was how warming this mask was. As I massaged it into my skin the mask would heat up, which is a strange yet satisfying sensation. 
I was also impressed by how much was in one pouch. I used the entire pouch on one face mask for myself, but I didn't need to use so much, I simply continued adding more of the mask to use it up, however, I think if you wanted to do a face mask with a friend, you could probably just about use one pouch for two of you!

I found with this face mask the consistency didn't change too much while the mask was on my face. I expected it to harden after a while on my skin like some clay face masks do but it didn't.

After using the face mask my skin definitely felt smoother and smelt great.

Overall I would recommend this product if you're in need of a little pampering and fancy using a face mask but you don't have much spare money. The only complaint I have about this product is I didn't like the packaging much, as I found it to be quite messy, but considering it cost 90p I can hardly complain about that!

What's your favourite face mask? I'd love to try some different ones out!

Love Chloe