It's official, Mum is cleaning the house and faffing around with flowers, while Flo is drinking wine, and listening to Christmas music whilst wearing a Santa hat. They both just coordinated a 'HoHoHo' to which they joyfully chanted to me as I type away at this post. Whilst I can't decide if this makes my family amazing, or super uncool, they've got me feeling festive, so I thought I'd put together little Christmasy post.

December has well and truly flow by the year. I haven't had the chance to get optimal use out of my tacky Christmas cardi, and Christmas activities have been in the few because where has the time gone? But there have been a few wonderful ones.

The month began dressed in Christmas Jumpers on a coach to London to visit Winter Wonderland with close friends. Despite not being the biggest fan of rides, I had the best time. I could not imagine a more perfect way to start December.

Rather than write something new about it, I thought I'd share a caption I wrote for an Instagram post.

"I felt the excitement build, as I pulled on my vibrant knit over my head. Candy canes and snowflakes across my chest as a not so subtle reminder it’s the time of year where savouring the days and counting them down walk hand in hand. Enduring a hours on a stuffy coach, was worth every second when we saw the twinkles of lights, satisfied our tastebud and heard the screams of excitement. The chill in the air, the laughter of friends, everything singing Christmas. We were really walking in a Winter  Wonderland"

Alongside that I've filled the month with fake Christmas with friends, carefully adding sprinkles to gingerbread men, exchanging gifts and pulling crackers.

Wearing oversize tree earrings, getting dressed up and dancing with colleagues. Singing the same songs repeatedly, and eating too much chocolate - because that's the way December should be done. 

Despite being in the midst of redecorating, we've managed to create some Christmas magic amongst the wall which is awaiting its wallpaper, and the piles of floorboards which sit on our worn carpet. Complete with more Santas than you can count, lights that twinkle and the most bizarre tree ornaments, home always feels wrapped up with an extra bit of wonderful this time of year.

No matter how much others claim they see it as a chore - wrapping presents is well and truly one of my favourite bits activities in wait for that big guy to come down your chimney. I love using my creative energy, getting tangled in ribbons and trying my best to add that extra bit of magic to gifts I give.

The one last thing I have to say is Merry Christmas! I hope Santa is as good to you as he always is to me.

I'll be back at this blogging thing 1st January.  
Until then, Happy Holidays! x