Thursday, 3 December 2015

Gift Guide for Her

 I decided to pick out a few bits which I own that I think would make great Christmas Gift for the Girl/Women in your life. The things featured are both what I have received as gifts myself and some are bits I've treated myself to.

  • The Night Circus (or any other book) - This is my favourite book! I loved every moment of reading The Night Circus (blogpost here), and I think giving someone a book is so lovely because they can fall in love with a story, or character, place or learn something. 
  • A Dream Catcher - this one might seem really random, but I got this as a gift myself and I was over the moon with it! A dream catcher is a very 'me' thing so it felt as though it was a really thoughtful gift. This or other home/bedroom trinkets are also great if you're on a budget.
  • Nail Polishes - Most girls love to paint their nails, right? Sets like this Essie one makes a great gift for the girl who is always painting her nails.
  • A Lipstick - having a beautifully package high end lipstick can feel like a real luxury for any beauty lover. The one I've got here is a Estée Lauder Lipstick, however there are loads of brands which do lovely lipsticks with make great gifts (Tom Ford, Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury to name a few)
  • Healing Stones - A bit of a controversial one, I know some people swear by healing stone and others think they're utter rubbish, however I think they can make a really thoughtful gift if it's something you believe in or you know the person you're buying for believes it - even if someone does not believe in them, they look really pretty and I think they're super thoughtful as it's as though you're sending well wishes.
  • A Book Mark - This is another one I received as a gift myself and I was super please with. All book lovers will find bookmarks handy and you can get some really pretty ones.

  • A Notebook - Everyone loves stationary right? and everyone is going to get use out of the notebook. With some of the great notebook designs you can get these days, it seems like a no brainer.
  • Perfume - Everyone loves perfume, but it's not something we necessarily like to buy ourself, so it's a perfect little treat. 

By Terry Ombre Blackstar - Another more luxury make up item I would strongly recommend. These are great for the eyeshadow lover - such an amazing product, such amazing shade range and beautifully packaged too - however they are a little more than someone might want to spend on a single eyeshadow for themselves so they'd make a great present.

What are you think of treating your friends and family to?

Love Chloé


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