Today I've had the nicest day with my best friend Amy.

Unfortunately, the only picture I took today was of my food (sorry I wasn't planning on blogging about my day), but here an old picture of me and my Amy, just in case you're curious about who I spent most of my day with today.

Today was lovely, I haven't seen Amy in a while so we had lots to catch up on. We popped to the mall in the morning, I returned a pair of shoes, Amy bought a lunch box, and then we realised we're both too poor to be spending money so we picked up some bits to go in our lunch and headed back to my house.

We got back and made the yummiest prawn salad for lunch. I'll definitely be making this salad again, it was delicious, and as it was a really nice sunny day we decided to sit in the garden on a blanket and eat our lunch.

Once we ate our salad we then sat in the boiling hot sun for a few hours listening to music and chatting. Earlier this week Amy had her graduation and I started my new job, so we had a lot to fill each other in on even when it came to just the past few days.

So proud of Amy for graduating with a degree in Children's Nursing earlier this week

And of course, we had the usual conversations as well, making plans, reminiscing, asking about the families and everything at home,  catching up with everything since we last saw each other and, of course, talking about boys (we may as well be 15-year-old girls still).

We didn't really do much, but it was so relaxing and nice to see each other.

I just thought I'd share how my lovely day in the sunshine with my best friend was. Sometimes all you need is a catch up with a friend to make the perfect day.

I hope everyone else had a day as wonderful a mine xx