I thought it was about time I introduced my pet rabbit, to my blog... especially as this week he's moved into the house!

Meet Pancakes...

We've had him a good few years now, but he's always lived in a cage in the garden as we had a cat, Molly. Sadly Molly died a few weeks ago, which was possibly the most heartbreaking thing ever. I'm still really missing her and life at home is definitely not quite the same without her.

Molly <3

However, it's definitely nice to have an animal wandering around the house again.

Pancakes is a fairly timid rabbit, I think he is probably due to living in his cage (or being in the run in the garden) although we used to get him out, he wasn't used to being around people all the time. Since he's been living in the house, which hasn't been long at all, I can already see his confidence growing as he explores the new environment, which is really lovely to see.

Isn't he just the cutest?