Sunday, 13 December 2015

Weekly Round Up

December 7th - 13th
Instagrams of the week
Left - Right: The Best Day Ice Skating | Important Quote | Pastel Pink Obsession.


Saturday, 12 December 2015

Festive Nails

A nail combo I have really been enjoying this winter is a classic red shade with a touch of sparkle.To create this nail look I used the DB Designer Brands Nail Enamel in the shade 539 Fire Red - the shade of this has been named perfectly. The Fire Red Shade creates a colour, yet elegant nail in a shade which is great for Christmas time.


Friday, 11 December 2015

Pastel Pink

If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you could see this Colour Obsession blogpost coming.
Recently I am really loving this pastel pink shade, so here are some of the bits I've been enjoying in this pretty shade. 


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Homemade Christmas Wreath

As much as I'd like to say I made the beautiful Christmas Wreath, I didn't - my Mum did, however as I thought it was so lovely it was worth a blogpost.

My mum booked a Christmas Wreath making class at Berwick Lodge in Bristol. She went by herself (unfortunately I had work so couldn't make it) which I thought she might find little awkward, but Mum said she didn't mind going alone, and plenty of  the other people she met there went alone, and everyone got chatting.

They had mince pies and mulled wine while they made their wreaths - the lady showed them the best way to do it, and they could choose anything they wanted to put on their wreath from a wide selection of bits and pieces provided.

I'm really impressed with the final and our front door is certainly looking much more Christmasy!

If you have any questions about the class which mum went to, or how she made the wreath, I'm happy to ask her and pass the answers on!
Will you be hanging a wreath on your front door this Christmas?

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Budget Christmas Jumper

 One thing I love this time of year, is the excuse to wear the most  tacky jumper I can find! I think Christmas jumpers are great, they are comfy, cosy and festive. However as they only come out for a very brief few months each year, they are not exactly something you want to break the bank buying. I've got a few here, which I love, that also happen to be pretty budget friendly.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit First Impressions

After a long time of lusting, I finally invested in the ABH Cream Contour Kit. I decided to go for the shade light after much consideration - I probably could have done with the shade Fair, as I found the highlight shades on this aren't too light on me.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas Red Lips.

With Christmas around the corner, I find it hard to resist putting on a red lip most days - it adds the perfect festive touch to any look.  So here is my collection of lipsticks I think are the perfect classic Christmas red shades.

Sorry to say, most of these are high end lippys. Lipstick is product which a tend to spend a little more on because I like to see them as a luxurious little treat.


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Weekly Round Up

Cutie Cath Kidston Print | Mum's Homemade Christmas Wreath | Blogmas Day 3

Pizza and Pretty Lights | Pink Fluffy Coat | People I Miss 

November 30th - December 6th
Feelings: I've been in fairly good spirits all week, I'm beginning to look forward to Christmas now so that is keeping me positive.

Work: Work has been work, nothing much to say about it.

Home: As well as work has been work, home has been home, there's no real update there.

Out and About: This week has been quite nice - on Friday evening I went for food with my friend Hannah and it was super lovely to catch up, we has so much to talk about. I also had a rather nice day saturday, I went for a coffee, popped to the mall and went to see Jaynie's new apartment.

Watching and Reading: Of course there are so many vlogmas' to watch at the moment, it's hard to choose my favourite, however I am think I am going to write a full blogpost on my favourites. I've not been reading much at all recently, I've just been busy and haven't found myself getting into any new books, blogs or magazines.

Purchases: A coat and dress I order from Missguided arrived this week - I think the coat may be going back but the dress in definitely a keeper. A pair of van I ordered also arrived this week which I love, and I also got myself a new Christmas jumper, because you can never have too many.

Highlight of the week: Catching up with Hj - sometimes a good old chat with a friend over dinner is much needed.

How this weeks goal went: Honestly - it just didn't really happen. Opps sorry figure.

Goal for next week: Finish my christmas shopping.


Saturday, 5 December 2015

Black & Gold

A colour combination which I have been obsessed with recently is Black and Gold. I think these colours work so well together to create a really elegant look. So as these colour obsession posts go, here are some bits black and gold bits I've been loving with links to where they're from. I think the gold is especially nice to the up coming festive season.
Kate Spade Notebook - I think this is the nicest notebook I have ever laid my eyes on. The quote on the front is one of my favourite quotes.
Olivia Burton Watch - I wear this watch everyday, it's such a classic style in goes with everything.
Pandora Ring - I'm not going to lie, this ring is actually my sisters not mine, but I feel so envious everytime I see her wear it I had to pop it in the post. It's so beautiful. Unfortuately I can't find a link to this one, but it was from Pandora a few years back.
Asos Moon Necklace - Being obsessed with the moon like I am, I love wear this simple golden moon necklace to add a finish touch to an outfit.
Chanel Lipstick I'm a massive fan of Chanel Lipsticks, as well as having an amazing colour range and formulas, they also come in the most beautiful black and gold package that makes you want to get them out of your handbag just to show off how pretty they are.

What do you think of this colour combo?

Love Chloé


Friday, 4 December 2015

Homemade Christmas Cake

I know it's time to get excited for Christmas each year when I see my Mum's homemade Christmas Cake waiting on the kitchen side for the magical day. Each year my Mum makes a Christmas Fruit Cake, topped with cherries and nuts with a bow at the front to add that Christmas-y finish. 

This year are usual Christmas cake seems to have gained a little friend - Mum also baked another smaller Christmas Cake to give to her friend as a gift which I think was a great gift idea! I'd love to receive home make Christmas Cake as a gift. 

If you'd like to hear more about how the cake was made, feel free to ask away and I'll fire them at my Mum and get back to you.

I can't wait to have a slice of this when Christmas comes, it's one things I look forward to every year! :)


Thursday, 3 December 2015

Gift Guide for Her

 I decided to pick out a few bits which I own that I think would make great Christmas Gift for the Girl/Women in your life. The things featured are both what I have received as gifts myself and some are bits I've treated myself to.

  • The Night Circus (or any other book) - This is my favourite book! I loved every moment of reading The Night Circus (blogpost here), and I think giving someone a book is so lovely because they can fall in love with a story, or character, place or learn something. 
  • A Dream Catcher - this one might seem really random, but I got this as a gift myself and I was over the moon with it! A dream catcher is a very 'me' thing so it felt as though it was a really thoughtful gift. This or other home/bedroom trinkets are also great if you're on a budget.
  • Nail Polishes - Most girls love to paint their nails, right? Sets like this Essie one makes a great gift for the girl who is always painting her nails.
  • A Lipstick - having a beautifully package high end lipstick can feel like a real luxury for any beauty lover. The one I've got here is a Estée Lauder Lipstick, however there are loads of brands which do lovely lipsticks with make great gifts (Tom Ford, Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury to name a few)
  • Healing Stones - A bit of a controversial one, I know some people swear by healing stone and others think they're utter rubbish, however I think they can make a really thoughtful gift if it's something you believe in or you know the person you're buying for believes it - even if someone does not believe in them, they look really pretty and I think they're super thoughtful as it's as though you're sending well wishes.
  • A Book Mark - This is another one I received as a gift myself and I was super please with. All book lovers will find bookmarks handy and you can get some really pretty ones.

  • A Notebook - Everyone loves stationary right? and everyone is going to get use out of the notebook. With some of the great notebook designs you can get these days, it seems like a no brainer.
  • Perfume - Everyone loves perfume, but it's not something we necessarily like to buy ourself, so it's a perfect little treat. 

By Terry Ombre Blackstar - Another more luxury make up item I would strongly recommend. These are great for the eyeshadow lover - such an amazing product, such amazing shade range and beautifully packaged too - however they are a little more than someone might want to spend on a single eyeshadow for themselves so they'd make a great present.

What are you think of treating your friends and family to?

Love Chloé


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Home Gel Nails

My sister recently got herself a gel nail lamp, and some gel polish so she can do gel nails from home so we decided to have a girly afternoon doing each others nails. Kerry went for a glitter shade and I decided on a red with a little glitter running through, so both colours are perfect for the festive season!

My sister used the O.P.I Gel Top and Base Coats with the shade "My Voice is a Little Norse" (cool shade name, eh?) - the shade is a silver sparkle shade which look stunning over a plain nail.

For my nails I wanted a little more colour so I used the CND Shellac Top and Base Coat with the nail polish shade in Ruby Ritz which is a classic red shade with a subtle glitter going through it.

I would definitely recommend getting a gel nail lamp and some polishes to go with it if you tired of your nails constantly chipping and I think the colours me and Kerry are perfect for this time of year!
What do you think of these home gel nails?

Love C 

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Christmas Wish List

As she does this time every year, my Mum is constantly asking me what I would like for Christmas, so she can, of course, make sure Santa gets it right. While trying to figure out what exactly was going on my list for Santa, I decided to blog it, you never know, Father Christmas could be regular reader.

So here are some bit I've been lusting after and would be much appreciated if they happen to be under my tree on Christmas day.

  • Olympus 45mm Lens - I'm still waiting on my Olympus Pen Camera, but when it arrives (soon hopefully), I'd love to have this Lens to go with it. I've heard good stuff about this Lens - I've been told it's great for taking outfit photos - which is something I want to start doing more for my blog, so if I got this one under the christmas tree this year I'm sure it would soon become well used and loved. 
  • Gorillapod (Tripod) - I think this little tripod will come in super handy for blog photos - no more balancing my camera on random objects to get the perfect shot.
  • Vogue subscription - I love flicking through fashion magazines, I think they're great for inspiration and to escape of the world around me. A subscription to Vogue would be the perfect gift, it would be lovely to receive a little treat to read for a few months beyond Christmas.
  • Gwen UD Palette - I have fallen a little bit in love with the palette. As it's a Christmas limited addition I needed to make sure this one went on my wish list! All of the shades looks stunning and I can't wait to try a few out - I'm especially excited to give the blue and pink shades a go! I know they might not be your everyday colours, but I'm sure you could create some amazing eye catching looks with them. 
  • Dior Hypnotic Poison Eu De Toilette I love the smell of this perfume, it such a mature signature scent - go give it a sniff, it smells beautiful. I'd love a bottle of this for christmas - perfume aren't something I tend to buy myself, so when I fall in love with one, it makes the best present ever.

What are you hoping Santa will bring down your Chimney?

Love Chloé

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Weekly Round Up

Turquoise Colour Obsession | A Girly Catch Up | Jelly Beans & Candle Light
Cute Card | New Essie Polish | Wash my Brushes

November 23rd-29th
Feelings: I've been pretty happy this week

Work: Work has been okay, I had one particularly crap day, but I did have monday off so it was a short week.

Home: home life has been home life. It's my Brothers Birthday today, which mean last night we had a take away and some family time which was nice.

Out and About: Monday Evening I had a catch up with two girls I used to work with, it was lovely to see with them both. Friday Night I went out for my friend Jess' birthday which was lots of fun and Saturday I had a little solo shopping trip to get a few xmas bits and my brothers birthday present

Watching and Reading: If I'm honest, there's nothing really coming to mind for the watching and reading section - I've just been watching and reading the same old stuff - I'm looking for a new book to get lost in, if you have any recommendations please comment.

Purchases: Essie Polish again (I think I'm obsessed) I got the shades Figi and  A Cut Above in a set and some cuticle oil, a christmas jumper (eekk) and my brother birthday present.

Highlight of the week: Seeing Jen and Mims, going out for Jess' birthday and having a family night in, I can't choose, I've had a pretty good week.

Goal for next week: Eat well all week

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Washing my Make Up Brushes.

Brushes before the clean
 As I was about to give my Make Up Brushes a much needed wash, I decided to take a few pictures to share how I clean my much loved brushes.
What I do it so simple and cheap. I don't use any fancy brush clean products, I simply use whatever shampoo I have lying around the house, and I think this works perfectly fine. It certainly does the job and with the shampoo I've used here especially it leaves the brushes smelling lovely. 
1) To start off, I squirt a dollop of shampoo into the palm of my hand.
2) Massage in the shampoo into the damp brush/brushes - if it's small brushes I'll do a few at a time - and just swirl them all together into the shampoo in my hand.
 3) Run the brushes under cold water, using my finger to ensure I get as all the bubbles and make up out.

4) Once I'm happy with how clean they are, I'll give them a squeeze to get out any excess water, and lay them out on some kitchen roll in the window seal to dry (usually takes a night or so).

Easy Peasy.

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