Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Wishlist | Birthday Edition

My 23rd birthday is just over a week away (how am I nearly 23 already?!), so my mum has recently asked me what I would like for my birthday, as nothing big comes to mind straight away, she's asked if I can write a list of little bits I would like so she can choose some bits from it for me, or have more of an idea, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to for a wishlist blogpost.

My mum is not really a big internet user, so I'm going to try to look mainly for things you can buy in stores (there is a lot I want from at the moment but I'll save that for another wish list).

Gilmore Girl Season 4

I love Gilmore Girls, it's just such a feel good casual series to watch. I've got the first three season on DVD already and have watched them over so many times it would be nice to have a new season to watch (although I've probably already seen all the episodes already it).

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Pallet

I know everyone in the world of beauty has heard of or has at least one of the Urban Decay Naked Pallets ... however, I happen to be one of the few people who is yet to own one of the famous pallets,, so I have decided it's about time I got one to see if they live up to the hype. I think I would like the 3 most (technically I would like all of them.. but that's not happening). I really love the pink undertone to the shades in the 3, I think it looks nice and feminine.

Chanel Rogue Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour in the shade 98 Coromandel (longest name ever?!)

Not so long ago I lost my beloved Red Chanel Lipstick (which I believe was in the shade 104 Passion, but I could be wrong), anyway I have been wanting to replace it ever since, so I couldn't not ask for one when my birthday came around. However I would quite like to try the shade 98 Coromandel instead of opting for the same shade I had beforehand, as sometimes it's nice to try new shades, and (hopefully) discover new favourites.

Tanya Burr Individual Eyelashes

I'm not usually an eyelash girl, in fact despite my natural eyelashes being ridiculously short and straight I don't think I have worn fake eyelashes - I just think they can look slightly too fake, and I don't stand a chance of doing a decent job of applying them. However, since reading many reviews I read how easy these are too apply and how natural looking they are, so I thought it would be nice to wear them for my birthday night out as it is a bit of a special night and I want to make an effort to look nice.

Topshop Cable Faux Fur Pom Beanie

I love a good beanie - especially during the winter and I get rather cold ears and have suffered for some very bad ear infections in the past I like to make sure I keep my ears warm to (hopefully) prevent anymore infections (sorry tmi I know), and beanies are just the nicest way to do that, they look cool (at least I think), and suit me (at least I think) and are just a nice accessory to finish an outfit. Personally I think this beanie from Topshop is really cute, I love the cable knit and fur pom pom - it would be a really nice one to add to my collection and I'm sure I'd get tonnes of wear out of it.

All of the above are obviously just ideas for my mum as she asked for them, I don't care if I don't get any of these things, or mum might just want to use them for a little inspiration as to what kind of things and want and buy similar, or if she see anything she think I'll like but it's not on this list I'm sure I will love it - she doesn't have to go by this list, or get me a single present, this is just a guideline as she asked for. 

Hope you like reading this little wish list.

Love Chloe 


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

By Terry Ombre Blackstar - Misty Rock

If you regularly read my blog you will know a few weeks ago I decided to splash out on the By Terry Ombre Blackstar shadowstick in the shade Misty Rock after lusting after it for ages I decided it was about time I treated myself.

I can definitely say I wasn't disappointed, I have worn this eyeshadow almost constantly since have I bought it, which I must say makes the price tag of £28 seem a little more worth the spend.

The shade a went for is Misty Rock which I'd describe as a shimmery bronze colour with a slight purple undertone. If you don't like glitter and shine - this isn't the one of you.

I however love the shade - it's so pretty and reflects many different colours, despite all the glitter and shine the tone is quite neutral so doesn't look over the top if you're going for a casual look, it just adds that glamorous finish to your make up. Also I feel this is a shade which would suit a wide range of skin tones. I have quite pale skin, so when I purchased this shade I was worried it wouldn't quite look right again my pasty skin, however this is not the case at all. I can also picture the shade looking beautiful again olive skin.

What I love most about this product is it can simply be applied to your eyelids via the stick and blended out and in minutes yet look as though you have had the time to apply beautiful thought out eye make up - which in reality took no time at all.

Then on the days you do want to spend a little more time on your make up you can use this shade amongst others to add definition to your eyelid - it's a perfect all round shade.

It is also very long lasting, I have the very bad habit of rubbing my eyes a lot, which usually results in my eye make up being all over my face about half hour after I have applied it - however this eyeshadow does not budge, it will last throughout the entire day.

Another bonus is the package is super pretty and feel really luxurious. If you're looking for a high end eyeshadow I recommend going for this one.

When I've got a bit of spare money I am definitely going to head over to Space NK to see if they've got any other shades I like.

Monday, 27 October 2014


After years of hard work, my graduation day finally came.
I had my graduation day last weekend, it was a lovely day with my mum, friends, coursemates and lecturers.
So I thought I would share some of the photos with you.

Sorry this post was a little different I just thought it would be nice to share some images from my graduation day!
Love Chloe


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Empty Products...

I am sure I am not the only beauty addict who finds that once one of my beauty product runs out, the rest soon follow, then I end up having one very expensive shopping trip, where I need to figure out what is worth re-buying and where I want to experiment with some new products. I have also done a video on this on my new youtube channel which you can find here if you prefer watching over reading.

Of the products I definitely want to get my hands on the Elemis Skin Nourishing Hand and Body Lotion again as whenever I use it my skin feels so incredibly soft and healthy, I can honestly say no moisturiser or body lotion have ever made such a difference to my skin.

I will also be buying the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer again. There is not really much point me talking about this because every other blogger in the world has spoken about this concealer, it's great coverage and a super cheap - only next time I think I will buy a litter shade, I have it in cool medium 2 at the moment but I think I'd be better off with a slightly lighter shade to add some highlight my under eye circles. 

A perfume I have recently finished up is the Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto, and I have absolutely loved this perfume, I am not the greatest at describing scents so I'm not going to try as I probably won't do it any justice, but whenever I wear this I always get compliments on it. Go out and give it a sniff, it really nice, mature, and long lasting - well worth the money.

Recently I have also used two product from Clean and Clear, the Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Facial Scrub and the Morning Energy Daily Facial Wash, I'm not going to talk much about the scrub as I have already done a blogpost on this which you can find here, but I will definitely be buying that one again. As for the wash, I did like the product but I didn't love it quite so much as the scrubs, so it may be something I go back to but for now I think I could probably find a face wash I like just as much if not more, hopefully for a similar sort of price.

I have also recently finished up the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Moisturiser, this isn't the first time I have had and finished the moisturiser, I really like it, it's good value for money, does the job, smells delicious, and is super refreshing, however for a while I think I am going to try another moisturiser as I feel this more one for summer, and during the winter months as my skin begins to dry out more I like to use more of a high end moisturiser as I think my skin needs a little more of a pampering this time of year.

The last two empty product I have are the Zoella Fizz Bar and the Simple Eye Make Up Remover. Although I liked both of these products and thought they were both good value for money, I wasn't as impressed by the products as I would have like to have been so I think although I might be purchase these products in the future it won't be for a little while.

If you want to also watch the video I did on this here it is :) 

Love Chloe


Saturday, 25 October 2014

That Zoella Article...

I trust you all know who the picture is? 
It is hard to find somebody in the blogging world who has not heard of Zoella, and it seems to be that soon it will be hard to find somebody in the world beyond the internet who has not heard of the youtube star.
Arguably Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) is fast becoming one of the most famous faces of the internet, releasing a beauty line, a novel deal with Penguin and even having a feature in this months Vogue. 
Not your everyday things - yet from watching Zoe's vlogs she seems so incredibly normal and grounded.

Recently as Zoe has has began to hit the public eye beyond the realms of the internet, and we have began to see more articles published about the youtube hit, all of which (as far as I know) have been positive, besides one - which I'm sure will stick in most of our heads. 

If you don't know the article I am talking about, it is a piece published in the independent earlier this week, but Chloe Haliton, you can find it here.

First reading the article I felt incredibly frustrated because she implies throughout that somebody who enjoys the fashion and beauty industry can not be a positive role model for young girls - why? because they like the fashion and beauty industry - apparently. If a girl enjoys these industries they have nothing else to offer... now lets be honest, who is thinking in a one dimensional why now?
Has Zoella not achieved more than a lot of girls will, beyond the beauty industry? 

This article dumbs down the world of fashion and beauty, blogging and youtube - it is things like that that give society a negative outlook on women, it is about time people understood you can be passionate fashion about beauty without beauty stupid.  There is more to a person than their love for these industries, and even if there weren't (which I think is far from the case with Zoella) at least they're passionate enough about something to have the balls to talk about it to millions.

Personally I would be pretty pleased if over the many people in the public eye my children choose to see Zoella as a role model - she's normal, she doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, doesn't do drugs, she is creative, hard working and successful. I know she is not a genius, a rocket scientist, or saving the world anytime soon, but as I said she is normal, and remaining so whilst constantly in the public eye I feel is admirable and refreshing, when you consider the main young celebrities who have gone done a bad route.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the beauty industry, yes there are more important things in life, but that does not mean make up should be disregarding as something people can't enjoy. It is fun and creative. People need to get past thinking make up is only used to cover up who we are, I for one do not see make up in this way. Some days I will wear no make up, with no consideration of what my plans are, I just might not fancy wearing make up some days, and other days I might wear a full face of make up - because I feel like it. I don't wear make up to cover up, I wear it to enhance aspects of my face, to experiment and have fun. Some days it is nice to make an effort, to try to look nice. 

Make up in not the devil. Yes Zoella talks about make up and beauty in her videos and blogposts because she enjoys it herself - the same way I speak about beauty product in my blog, because they interest me - does this make me a bad role model?

Also in many of Zoe's video she speak about how she is not a make up artist, how she doesn't always wear make up, and how she is making this videos because they have been requested. 

Being a young teenage girl hitting puberty can be scary, you're body, skin, and mindset all begin to alter. I remember when I first began wearing make up, I had no idea what I was doing and I was too embarrassed to speak to my mum about how to put on make up, or what was okay to wear to school, I just copied my friends, who must have been as clueless as me. Thinking back I must have looked an absolute mess. It is an simple as, if young girls want to start wearing make up, they will. At least if they watch Zoella videos they might have some idea how to apply make up, and what is appropriate to wear casually to school - if she has saved a few girls from looking as though they have rolled in Doritos and have two black eyes, then well done her. At the end of the day, a video is a video, you don't have to watch it if you don't want to - but my guess is as Zoe is a beauty blogger/vlogger you'd only watch her videos if you're interested - there is nothing forcing anyone not interested in the industry to watch her tutorial and wear her back to school make up - but the option is there if you want to take it, and if people follow Zoe they will see from her vlog she see's it perfectly acceptable to not wear make up. 

I am going to finish this post up, because I feel I think been ranting about Zoella and make up for ages now. To round it up, personally I think if young girls want someone to see as a role model why not Zoella? I can think of some people far worse to admire. 
The fact is Zoe (among others) started her blog and youtube channel, talking about fashion and beauty because there are the things she loves, the follows and subscribers came because so many people enjoy those industries, it's a community you can choose to be a part of, or not.
I feel the writer of that article lacked research, and although Zoe talks about make up because it am interest of hers, she also embraces her natural skin, and is in no way forcing other to wear make up. I probably am bias as although I am slightly out of the age range of Zoella usual demographics, I really like Zoe, and I feel she has done nothing to deserve the bad press.

If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Time for some changes.

To put it bluntly, recently I have been feeling pretty crappy. I'm not going to go into much detail about why, as I would rather not share that with the internet, however lets say a mixture of things have left me feeling pretty helpless recently. Most than ever I have been feeling unsuccessful and incapable of success, or anything for that matter. 

After a while however we all get a bit fed up of feeling sorry for ourselves. I have decided I need to act in order for things to change.
So I have decided to set myself some little goals to help me feel as though I have a chance of feeling accomplishment.

From now on I want:
 complete at least 20 minutes of exercise 6 days a week
Eat healthier
Apply for at least 2 jobs I think I could fall in love with everyday
Publish a blogpost everyday
Upload a youtube at least once a week
Make more effort with friends
Do something creative each day

I think recently I have let myself forget what I feel is really important as I have entered a spiral of sadness. 

"Work hard and be nice to people" is a quote I like to try to live by. Yet recently I have been mopping and isolating myself, which has not been solving anything. From now on I am going to make an effort to put 150% into everything I do, whether that being writing regularly blogpost, or looking for a full time job I love, living a healthier lifestyle, as well as make an effort with friends and family, trying to make new friends, or even just being kind to people I see in passing.

I want to become a person I am proud to be, and that is entirely within my control.
It is time to embrace that.


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Autumn Lips

I'm sure many beauty lovers will agree with me, that when Autumn comes around we all begin to feel a little braver when it comes to lip colours, and away go the the pink, nudes to be replaced with deep reds, and dark berry colours - personally I love autumn make up, and I feel much more comfortable in a dark berry lip, rather than a natural lip - it's just not really me.

Just a little warning before you read anymore - I would say the swatches look slightly different through the camera lense - so if you like the sound of a lips colour from my description you might be better to go off and swatch it yourself than only refer to my swatches!
So here are some of my go to current lipstick for a autumn lip...

Lets start with the most pricey of the five. 

Chanel Rogue Coco in the shade 21 Rivoli - this lipstick is a lot more high end than the rest of the lipsticks here, costing £25 . This is definitely a lipstick for if you're willing to spend a little extra, and looking for high end luxury.

As you can see this lipstick of mine is well loved, and slightly battered - it has been through the wash and thrown into a million different handbags, however this is only because it is one of my favourite go to lipsticks. 
This is the darkest lipstick I own, so only really comes out this time of year.

I'd describe this colour as a dark plum. It has a brown, purple tone to it. I love this colour for this time of year and want to invest in some more similar shades. This lipstick has a slight shine to the finish, which I like with a darker lipstick as I feel it gives it a more feminine edge. 

I really like formula of Chanel Lipstick, I find them really moisturising and long lasting. I also love the packaging - I think with Chanel lipsticks you can see the difference from a highstreet lipstick, and I don't mind paying the high price tag with a Chanel lipstick because so far I have not been let down by one.

I'm going to keep this one short because I'm sure every blogger and their dog have spoke about this lipstick.
It's a matt 'postbox' red shade. 

Being MAC it is slightly more expensive at £15.50. The shade is something I go for if I wanted a classic red lip. Being a matt formula, I do find this lipstick quite drying, however it is very long lasting.

From Calvin Klein I have a lipstick in the shade Eros, which I bought from Fragrance Direct rather than straight from Calvin Klein, so I didn't pay much for it (I can't remember exactly how much). This lipstick is slightly more natural than the other two. I'd say the shade was a muted berry colour with  a blue undertone, which I think is perfect if you want a more understated lip this time of year. 

Another recent favourite of mine this the Soap and Glory Lipstick in the shade Pom Pom.
The shade is quite similar to the shade of the Calvin Klein lipstick, however I'd say the Soap and Glory lipstick is slightly deeper, and  has more of a purple tint to it creating a slight more statement lip for day to day wear.
This is my first soap and glory lipstick, and I am really impressed, I will definitely be trying out some more of their lipsticks.

To me I find this lipstick feels much more expensive than it actually is. The packaging is nice, the lipstick is moisturising and fairly long lasting, and it even has the Soap and Glory indent in the lipstick.  What I really like about this lipstick, is that although it is a matt shade, the formula is not too drying - unlike the MAC lipstick I spoke about earlier which you pay a lot more for.

Lastly is more most recent lipstick purchase.

I have been wearing this lipstick a lot since I bought it.  It is quite similar to the last two shades I spoke about (I'm really enjoying a muted berry lips at the moment!) but it has a slightly redder tone to it, creating a bolder casual lip. This the first of the Kate Moss lipsticks I have tried and really like it so far. 

What have been your favourite lipstick recently?

Love Chloe


Monday, 13 October 2014

Feeling Reflective | New Chapter.

As cliché as it may sound I feel as though I have recently started a new chapter of my life.  A lot has changed for my over the past few months, I have finished my degree, moved away from Plymouth back home to Bristol, I have started a new jobs and I also came to the end of a relationship earlier this year.

Life feels slightly strange for me at the moment, because I feel as though I have taken a step forward, and a few steps backward with life. I know that doesn't make much sense but let me explain. I am living back in my family home with my mum brother and sister so I am definitely feeling as though I have lost some of my independence, especially as I don't drive yet (I know I'm 22 so it is probably about time I learn), living in Plymouth this wasn't a problem as everything was in walking distance, but being back home even the bus stop is a 20 minute walk from my house (I live in the middle of nowhere!) Also having been at university the last three years, I have grown more independent, and got comfortable with living away from my family home - moving back I feel like a child again. 

I have a very small bedroom, which hardly fits all of my things, so although it's cosy, I feel I have out grown it and could do with more of my own personal space. 

I expected to finish uni and feel as though I had some direction in my life, however that is far from what I feel, if anything I feel more lost than ever. The reality has hit that is time to grow up, and what I decide to do now, that is my life. Everything I worked toward at school, and university, it was to get a job, and start my life as I want it. Yet, I have finished education, and I have no idea what I want to do with my life, I have some ideas, yes, but are they realistic? I don't know. I am a hopeless dreamer.

I've been considering what next a lot recently, and I think it is time for me to have a completely fresh start and move away. Not because I don't like my life in Bristol, I do like it here, I just do not feel as if I need to  or want to stay here forever, and recently is feeling like the right time to move away, I know there is a lot here for me, but it feels as if there is a lot less people and things relying on me in Bristol.

This isn't at all definite, just something which has been crossing my mind recently. Of course, I am terrified of moving and not making any friends, struggling to pay the bills and missing my home comforts but for some reason it just feels like the right thing to do now, and I am a big believer in going with your gut instinct. 

I have a few places in mind I'm considering looking into, and am beginning to apply for some jobs away from Bristol.
Whether this will happen, I am not actually sure, but it is a option I am considering.

I think if I am starting a new chapter, I need to do it properly, in a place where I can gain a new reputation, meet new people, and with new surrounding. I want to create a new life for myself as I am finally beginning to feel like an adult.

Sorry this post isn't my usual beauty related post, I just wanted to share my thought with you.
Love Chloe 


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Haul | Payday Beauty Splurge

Having gone a month having hardly any money because I had treated myself to a camera, I couldn't help but hit the shops as soon as I had been paid. It is safe to say I got a little carried away on beauty products.

Being the biggest fan of Zoe Sugg I wanted to head to Superdrug as soon as the Zoella Beauty range was released to see if it lived up to the hype. 

I resisted getting the whole range, and decided to get the Soak Opera bath soak and shower cream, the fizz bar, the candle and the eyes make up bag/pencil case.

I have been looking to get my hands on some fragranced candles recently as they are something I love but never buy for myself, so when I found out there was a fragranced candle in the Zoella Beauty range which wasn't over priced I couldn't say no. I've been lighting it almost constantly since I've had it and I love it, the scent fresh and not too overpowering which I find with a lot of candles. 

Seeing images of the make up bags online I thought I would prefer the pink make up bag, however when I got into Superdrug I felt more drawn to this one, so ended up getting this instead. It's a good size so you can fit plenty in and I really like that it's waterproof/wipe-able so it won't get ruined if I spill any product on it, or get make up on it (with me that's very likely to happen).

After Superdrug I headed into Boots, where there were 3 for 2 offers on make up and skincare so I ended up getting much more than I originally intended. 

From the skincare section I decided to buy so bits I've never tried before. I picked up the 'Good Things'  Manuka Honey Moisturiser and the 'Good Things' Deep Clean Blackhead Exfoliator. I was attracted to this range be the packaging, and couldn't resist trying as it was 3 for 2. I also picked up some Tea Tree Witch Hazel nose strips as I have noticed recently my skin has been more prone to blackheads.

I then had a look around the Soap and Glory Counter, and as it was also three for two I decide to get also get some Soap and Glory bits. I got myself the Brow Archery pen in the shade 'brownie points', alongside the 'glow all out' highlighting powder, and lipstick in the shade 'pom pom'

And lastly as a treat for myself I decided to splash out treat myself to the By Terry Ombre Blackstar  shadow stick in the shade Misty Rock after hearing lots of good things about it and lusting after it for a very long time (it featured in my recent wishlist which you can find here).

 What have you been treating yourself to recently?

Love Chloe 


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Wishlist | High End Beauty

I have noticed my little beauty wishlist I have on the notes on my phone is fast growing as I keep seeing more things recommended in blogpost posts and videos, so I thought I'd share this little wish list with you, hopefully I'll have a bit of spare money floating around at some point in the near future (unlikely!), and I will be able to refer back to this blogpost and treat myself to something I've been lusting after.

After admiring Tanya Burrs eye make up in her vlogs (sorry, I know I seem Tanya Burr obsessed, well, I am), she then happened to show what make up she had been wearing, and the eyeshadow which I fell in love with was the By Terry Ombre Blackstar in the shade Misty Rock, if I wasn't already sold and wanting it (I wanted it so much just seeing the stunning colour of her eyelids) Tanya then began to say how good it was and how often she uses it. I'm not too sure that the shade would compliment my pale skin all that much, but I really want to give it ago as it's stunning, and maybe have a look what other shades they have to ofter me.

It's no secret that since I bought my Zoeva Bamboo Brush Set I have been a big fan of Zoeva brushes and wanted to get my hands on some more. These are just two of the Zoeva brushes I have been lusting after. I've heard good things about these two brushes, and they are both definitely brushes I could do with adding to my collection (I'm not really sure if I would class Zoeva as high end but thought I would include them nonetheless).

It's no secret I am a big fan of Chanel products, I always find the quality is great and they feel so luxurious. Recently I've been wanting to get my hands on some more cream eyeshadow as it is something my make up collection is lacking, and I think this eyeshadow would be perfect. The shade is just pretty and can be worn so many different ways so I would get a lot of us out of it.

 I have heard so many good things about the Charlotte Tilbury new matt revolution lipstick range, and being a massive lipstick addict I am itching to get my hands on one. 
I definitely want to try the shade Sexy Sienna as I was Essie Button wearing it in a video and fell in love with the colour on her, so I'm hoping the colour may look similar against my skin tone. 
I also really love the package. 

I cannot wait to have a bit of spare money to treat myself to some of the bits on this wishlist, hopefully I won't be disappointed.
 What's on your wishlist?

Love Chloe

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