Having gone a month having hardly any money because I had treated myself to a camera, I couldn't help but hit the shops as soon as I had been paid. It is safe to say I got a little carried away on beauty products.

Being the biggest fan of Zoe Sugg I wanted to head to Superdrug as soon as the Zoella Beauty range was released to see if it lived up to the hype. 

I resisted getting the whole range and decided to get the Soak Opera bath soak and shower cream, the fizz bar, the candle and the eyes make up bag/pencil case.

I have been looking to get my hands on some fragranced candles recently as they are something I love but never buy for myself, so when I found out there was a fragranced candle in the Zoella Beauty range which wasn't overpriced I couldn't say no. I've been lighting it almost constantly since I've had it and I love it, the scent fresh and not too overpowering which I find with a lot of candles. 

Seeing images of the makeup bags online I thought I would prefer the pink make up bag, however when I got into Superdrug I felt more drawn to this one, so ended up getting this instead. It's a good size so you can fit plenty in and I really like that it's waterproof/wipe-able so it won't get ruined if I spill any product on it, or get makeup on it (with me that's very likely to happen).

After Superdrug, I headed into Boots, where there were 3 for 2 offers on makeup and skincare so I ended up getting much more than I originally intended. 

From the skincare section, I decided to buy so bits I've never tried before. I picked up the 'Good Things'  Manuka Honey Moisturiser and the 'Good Things' Deep Clean Blackhead Exfoliator. I was attracted to this range by the packaging, and couldn't resist trying as it was 3 for 2. I also picked up some Tea Tree Witch Hazel nose strips as I have noticed recently my skin has been more prone to blackheads.

I then had a look around the Soap and Glory Counter, and as it was also three for two I decide to get also get some Soap and Glory bits. I got myself the Brow Archery Pen in the shade 'brownie points', alongside the 'Glow All Out' Highlighting Powder, and Lipstick in the shade 'Pom Pom'

And lastly, as a treat for myself, I decided to splash out treat myself to the By Terry Ombre Blackstar shadow stick in the shade Misty Rock after hearing lots of good things about it and lusting after it for a very long time (you can read my review of this here|).

 What have you been treating yourself to recently?

Love Chloe