It's October 3rd...
Sorry I couldn't resist the Mean Girls reference!
... as I was saying, today it's the 3rd of October, which means September has drawn to a close, very swiftly might I add, it feels like September was over before it began, not that I am complaining, I love that it is beginning to feel more like Autumn!

Not only does the end of September mean it's now October, but it also means it is time for September favourites!

I have also made a video on this which is currently uploading to my (very new) youtube channel (which you can find here), once the video has uploaded I will share it on my blog.

At the start of September, I decided to splash out and buy myself an SLR camera, as I have been itching to start my own youtube channel, wanted to be able to take better photos for my blog, and I have a holiday to India booked, on which I plan to save as many photographic memories as possible! 

Of course, at the time I was only working part-time so this did result in me having very little money the rest of the month, therefore the rest of my favourites through the month were things I have rediscovered amongst my collection.

My first favourite of the month is, of course, my new camera. I decided to get a Nikon D3200 as it was more in my price range than a lot of the other cameras and it seemed like a good option to get started on. I'm still fairly new to photography and filming, but I'm definitely enjoying experimenting with it and learning how to use my camera properly.

Now onto my beauty favourites...

Since I dyed my hair darker earlier in September I have found myself reaching for an old lipstick of mine which previously went untouched. It's the shade Eros by Calvin Klein. I'd describe the colour as a berry shade with a blue undertone. The shade is more subtle than a lot of berry shade lipsticks, it isn't too dark or too bright. I think this shade is perfect for the cooler months as it has a warm autumnal vibe to it without being too drastic. 

Earlier this month I bought myself Tanya Burr Ridding Hood nail polish, as I felt stressed and in need of a treat (blog post here) and ever since I have been wearing the shade on my nails almost constantly, it's a deep red colour which is perfect for this time of year. 

On my face I have been using my Zoeva Sunpower pallet a lot during September, this palette has a range of different blush and bronzer shades, to be honest, I haven't experimented with the bronze shades much yet, however, I have fallen in love with all of the blush shades, so many pretty colours, and they are all so pigmented. 

I've been using the blush brush from my Zoeva bamboo brush set (more on these brushes here) to apply these blushes, and I've also been really loving the brush, it is the perfect shape and size for blush and it's so soft on the skin.

For a while now I have been using the False Lash Effect Mascara by Maxfactor in brown-black, but only recently I've really begun to notice a vast improvement in my eyelashes, I think maybe the mascara is slightly better once it's dried out a little. Either way, my eyelashes are looking better than ever (I don't have the greatest eyelashes so this is the best news)

To wash my face in the evening I have been using my Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash, and I can not help but notice how much softer my skin has felt since. I feel it has made my skin feel really healthy.

Also on my face, I have been using the Superdrug Hydrating Face Mask (similar linked) during the evenings when my skin has been feeling a little dry, and the next day my skin feels so much more moisturised and healthy. 

These are just some bits and bobs I have been appreciating the past month. 
What has been your September favourites? 

Love Chloe