January 2020 Beauty Favourites including Glossier, Huda Beauty and more
Today I wanted to share my January 2020 favourites.  It’s been a long time since I've posted a classic beauty & lifestyle favourites (my last one was this one in July 2018!) but this month, I found myself wanting to talk about so many things I was enjoying, that it almost seemed necessary. However as there are so many things I've been loving (how lucky does that make me?!), I felt this blog post might go on forever - so I've created a beauty and accessories edit to share over here, and on Sunday my full favourites video will go live on my Youtube channel - which will include everything from fashion to books, activities and more... be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss it.

January 2020 Beauty Favourites including Glossier, Huda Beauty and more

Moon & Star earrings from DIM3NSION 3D Printing

I'm not sure if it's a bit of a tease me sharing this one because it's a bespoke one-off product - however, I'm so in love with them, I felt I needed to include them. From my boyfriend for Christmas, I got these lovely 3D printed earring which he designed. It feels special and personal, knowing that I'm the only one with these earrings. I love the design - they are extremely... me. I also love that they are odd. The quality is great. I've been wearing them constantly, and they've added the perfect accessory to all of my outfits. If you want to get somebody a personalised gift, or one for yourself, I'd recommend DIM3NSION.

Chloe Heart Hanging:

Yes, I'm being annoying and including yet another thing which was personally made for me (how lucky am I, getting all of these bespoke goodies?!) For Christmas my sister made this clay heart hanging with my name on it, and I completely love it. I keep it hanging by the fireplace, and it fills my heart with joy. 

Rose Quartz Face-Roller

Due to a whole lot of angry eczema, a luxury skincare routine has been completely out of the question for me, so part of my day I once found an enjoyable treat, has become a chore as I apply products prescribed by doctors instead of the ones I love.  I did, however, get myself a Rose Quartz face roller and it's been bringing a bit of joy back to my skincare. It feels as though it soothes and massages my sore skin, and leaves me feeling refreshed. Plus who doesn't love a bit of rose quartz? I'm all for that crystal life.

Huda Beauty 3D Highlight Palette

I am completely obsessed with this palette. On the days I use it I just find my complexion looks much more healthy. My once dull skin glows, yet it looks more towards the natural side of things rather than the disco ball end. The shades Ibiza and Azores, in particular, have been taking my fancy. 

Glossier Lidstar in Cub

Lately, on makeup days, I've been wanting quick and easy products, so this has been perfect. I love the pink-brown shade to it, and the shimmer which runs through. Although the formula is not perfect, it only takes a second to apply and gives me all the glossy lid goodness I could want.

January 2020 Beauty Favourites including Glossier, Huda Beauty and more

What products have you found yourself falling in love with through January?

Remember I'll be sharing a full favourites video on my Youtube channel this Sunday so be sure not to miss it!

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