iphone showing top 2019 podcast - soul sugar by carrie rad - with plant - self care - intentional living

iphone showing top 2019 podcast - three gossip girls - with plant - self care - intentional living

iphone showing top 2019 podcast - riverdale podcast, riverpod - with plant - self care - intentional living

During 2019, I found myself headphones in, clinging on to the words of podcast hosts. I listened to motivational podcasts, inspirational podcasts, funny podcasts, tv podcasts... you get the point, I've listened to a lot of different podcasts.

I've spoken about podcasts I've loved before which you can read here, and here. Those posts were a little while ago, so I figured it was time for a refresher... so here are my favourite podcasts of 2019.

Soul Sugar 

Youtuber Carrie Rad discusses all subjects which feed the soul - from friendship to business building. Sometimes alone and sometimes she interviews guests. I find Carrie warm, inspiring and calming to listen to; somehow the podcast does feel exactly like sugar for the soul.

It Takes Three Network

I discovered these girls at the start of the year when I decided to rewatch One Tree Hill and I've been obsessed ever since. I searched for a One Tree podcast and came across Tree Hill Talk, binged it along with the show. I then moved on to Lis, Ingrid and Michelle's next podcasts, Let's Talk OC and 3 Gossip Girls - after a little bit of binging at the start of Let's Talk OC I managed to get up to date and listen in time. In case it wasn't obvious, the three friends discuss each episode of the given TV show. I listen to them so often they feel like friends, and I've subscribed to their Patreon page, which has been well worth it. It includes so many perks, such as their Riverpod, which, you guessed it, is a Riverdale podcast. I am well and truly obsessed with everything these girls do.

Nobody Panic

I've definitely mentioned this in previous blog posts, but this is one of those podcasts I've loved since my podcast obsession began. Formally The Debrief podcast, it's hosted by comedians Stevie Martin and Tessa Coates, they discuss adulting how to's - the advice is sometimes useful, sometimes bizarre but they are always relatable and hilarious. Every time I listen to this podcast, I find myself laughing out loud. 

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

This podcast birthed the book How To Fail (which you can read my review of here). It is brilliant and reassuring. Elizabeth Day interviews successful people on their failures. The conversations are always inspiring and Elizabeth is an amazing interviewer, always knowing the most interesting questions to ask.

The High Low

I'll be surprised if you haven't heard of the pop-culture podcast The High Low, hosted by journalist Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton - the pair discuss current affairs, the books and media they've consumed and more. With listener emails, book special and occasional guest interviews - this podcast is always enjoyable, I come away from it feeling both educated and entertained.

What are your favourite podcasts? I'm always looking out for something new to listen to!


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