Lately, I've felt an urge to mix up the beauty routine. To simplify it. I'm very lucky that my skin is usually clear, and I felt confident to go completely bare-faced. Yet still, somehow, every time I wear makeup, I find myself spending time applying layers of products, which is absolutely great on those days I want to spend my time blending eyeshadow and painting my skin and leave the house with the knowledge I've made myself up how I wanted. Sometimes a long-winded, many products makeup routine can be empowering. However, sometimes I want to be able to blitz a beauty routine, embrace my skin as it is, and by just added a few products which make me feel a little fresher, and nothing more.

So I've been cutting out a few products, including Foundation, Contour, Brow Pomade and Eyeshadow and complete a daily beauty look with less. Going for a natural glowy look.

Here are the products I did still use:
Marc Jacobs Concealer (similar linked)
Chanel Bronzer Soleil Tan De Chanel
Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff
Marc Jacobs Glow Stick
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder
Lancome Mascara
Surratt Lash Curlers
Glossier The Cherry Balm Dot Com.

I've found myself also empowered knowing I can keep my make up routine simple on a day to day bases, and still feel confident.


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