A few weeks back, I found myself giving into temptation, and clicking 'buy now' on my rather pricey Glossier basket. Today in the blog post, I thought I'd give you the low down on my purchases, what is living up the anticipation (I've been lusting after the many hyped products for such a long time), what I won't be repurchasing and all the other details you might want if you're considering a little Glossier haul yourself.

To go with the post there is a video where I unbox and try on lots of the products so you can see them in action, with my first impressions, be sure to check that out on my Youtube Channel, or at the bottom of this post.

The Balm Dot Com

I have been using The Cherry Balm Dot Com since Christmas, so I knew I was pretty in love with the formula (it gets a mention in this post and this video if you want more of my thoughts on it), however this time I decided I wanted to give some of the other flavours/scents(?) a whirl. I opted to the pack of three offered on the website (why would I not? You save a fiver), and selected The Birthday Balm, The Coconut Balm and The Rose Balm

The Birthday Balm: 

On paper, a glitter lip balm sounds all kinds of tacky, and a little too extra. However, this product really is not. The Birthday Balm has a very subtle, small, small glitter in it, which just adds an iridescent sparkle which occasionally might catch someone's eye. The balm isn't isn't super glossy looking, it gives slightly matte but moisturised finish, so the glitter adds a little something to do whilst not overdoing it. It smells like vanilla birthday cake, it's an inviting, yet sort of sickly scent.

The Coconut Balm:

This balm is my favourite of the three, mainly because I am a complete sucker for a coconut scent. It smells (and tastes) delicious. There isn't any pigment in the balm so it doesn't add colour to your lips but again gives the matte-ish, moisturised look.

The Rose Balm:

I've got to be honest, I don't love this one, I'm not even that sure why I went for it, I'm not a big fan of rose scents. There is a pastel pink tint to this balm which I think is just a little too pastel for my lips, it doesn't really show up.

The Lidstars:

The Lidstars are one of the new editions to the Glossier family, which I've been itching to try since their release. Having heard very mixed reviews, and having given them a go myself, I still cannot figure out where my opinion lies.  I either love them or hate them - it's hard to put my finger on which.

The formula is very blendable, if anything too much so, they blend down to very little, which is great when you want a casual wash of colour over the lid, but anything more than that takes a lot of building, which is such a shame because the colours look so beautiful when you swipe them across the skin, but a lot of the colour gets lost in the necessary blending process. As they dry they feel slightly sticky, I think it's important to blend properly before they dry to have a smooth finish if it's applied too thickly in places it can go sort of crusty, but you'd only ever notice that look up close on your own face. Application with them is quite messy. I like the doe-foot applicator, it's easy to use, but it is hard to be precise with, however, considering the bendability of the shadows isn't much of an issue. They also crease quite easily. Having said all of this, there's easy to use, and bloody beautiful shades. I went for Cub and Slip, both shades are stunning, I'm definitely want to give the shade Lily a go next.

Generation G Lipstick in Crush

This is another one which I can't figure out if I love or hate. I definitely love the effortless look this product creates, and the shade is a beautiful cherry red which somehow looks understated. But the formula is unlike any I've worn before - it's matte, and so far I've only applied it over one of my many Balm Dot Com, but I imagine without moisturising your lips beforehand it would cling to dry patches and applying it might become more of a challenge. As for the application, it certainly doesn't glide on, it takes quite a lot of work to get a decent amount of product on, its very sheer, which is great if you want a tint of colour smudged on, not so much if you want a more intense colour pay off. This lipstick somehow doesn't quite look as though you've got lipstick on when wearing it, the light texture of the matte product makes it appear simply as though your natural lips are of a deeper pigment.

The Haloscope in Quarts:

I've got be honest, I don't love this product as much as I wanted to, but I think a lot of this is due to the hype surrounding it, and I have a very similar product which I think I might prefer slightly (Marc Jacobs Glow Stick in Spotlight - I find the shape easier to work with). I love the shade of this haloscope, it's a beautiful, subtle highlight with a slight iridescent silver tone to it. I still don't understand the purpose of the circle in middle, but surely there's a reason for it. I find this cream product takes a little warming up, but once it's ready to go, it's super blendable and easy to use. I love the way this highlight simply catches the light sometimes and looks wow, but looks natural enough. I just don't really enjoy the shape the product, I think it's too large which makes it hard to be precise when applying straight from the wand.

I only brought this SPF because I have a holiday coming up and I'm so glad that I did, it's really not your average sunscreen! First I love the pump, it just makes the process of using it so much more enjoyable. The product is a gel-like formula which comes out of the tube a clear colour with a slight white tint to it. It's really easy to smooth over the skin. You cannot see or feel it at all when it's on, which is really all you can ask for in a face SP

 I have been using the Cloud Paint in Dusk for a while now (I talk about it here) I just find it so easy to apply and I think cream consistent makes it look very natural. My only complaint would be, it's not all that long-lasting. This time I opted for the shades Puff and Haze

The Shade Puff is a very pretty pink which I love, I think it works really while mixed with dusk. The pretty shade gives a very feminine look.

The Shade Haze has a much more purple tone to it, which works really well if you're after something a little deeper and more intense.

You Solid Perfume

 I am sort of in love with the scent, it's somehow both musky, and fresh. I'm still not sure where I sit with the whole solid perfume thing, but it certainly makes it very handbag friendly, and the packaging is so satisfying.

Boy Brow in Brown

 My only repurchase of the bunch. I've been using Boy Brow in Brown on my brows ever since getting it for Christmas, it makes just look fuller. I talk about it in more detail here.

Some other thoughts on the brand:

  • The branding and packaging is on point they are the perfect products to show off on the shelf
  • The option to buy multiple products for slightly cheaper is genius (I did this the balms, lidstars and the boy brow and haloscope)
  • The products are quite fun to use - this like mixing the cloud paints to create your own shade is just fun.
  • You hardly need brushes at all for these products which makes them great for travel.

Have you tried any of the Glossier Products? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Follow