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With Valentine's Day coming up, it's time to get planning, and figure out what cute, affordable date ideas will make your day!

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This year will be my first Valentine's Day in a relationship in 5 years, and I'm excited about it. In the 6 months I've been with my (quite wonderful) boyfriend, we've been on some pretty incredible dates, which have made our time together feel completely magical... and we've not spent much money either - me, my relationship and my bank balance are all very happy.

If you're having a mind blank when it comes to celebrating Valentine's day, I've put together a list of cute, affordable date ideas to help ya out (you're welcome).

Watch Sunsets: 

This is honestly one of my favourite things to do with my boyfriend. Nature often has a way of reminding us how wonderful the world is, and there's something simple yet special about sharing that view with a partner, just taking a moment or two to take in the world together. If you're planning a sunset viewing, keep an eye on the weather, and find a spot with a good viewpoint. Living in Bristol/Gloucester, some of the ones we've explored have been Cleeve Hill, Selsley Common, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Nibley, Coaley Peak.

Go to a Comedy Show: 

On our second date, we went to see some stand-up comedy. As the comedians were all relatively small it was inexpensive. It was nice to do something different, and we got to laugh - what more could you want?!

Magic Show/Bar: 

Probably one of the more pricey suggestions but I didn't want to leave it out. If you're looking to do something a bit different with your loved one, why not consider going to a magic show/bar. We recently went to Smoke and Mirrors with some friends (it's a great choice for a double/triple date, group hang situation). It was so fun to do something a bit different and made for a memorable evening.


There is nothing I love more than going for a walk... I mean seriously, I've talked about it in this blog post and this blog post. Getting out in fresh air is good for the mind and soul, and it's nice to explore nature with your partner.  You can talk about your goals, hopes and dreams as you wander, or laugh and reminisce. If you're stuck on where to go walking, you can't go wrong with a National Trust TrailExtra points if you manage to combine it with a sunset view!

Cook Dinner Together: 

Sometimes, the best things are the most simple. We all need to eat, so why not make dinner an event. It can be fun to try out new recipes and cook together. Put some extra effort in when you set the table and light a candle or two and enjoy the flavours of a meal you made together.

Go to the beach:

No, it doesn't matter if it's cold, thermals and jumpers exist for a reason. Sit on a blanket with fish and chips and watch the waves come crashing in.


Cathedrals make a nice place to visit together, that's whether you wander inside and admire the stained glass windows, or simply take it in from the outside. Cathedrals tend to be both beautiful and peaceful. Near us, we have Lacock and Gloucester cathedral, in both locations parts of Harry Potter was filmed which makes them feel, well, magic.

Museums & Art Galleries:

 The majority of museums and art galleries are free to enter, maybe with occasionally paying a little extra for certain exhibitions, or making a small donation. Honestly, I couldn't think of anything more perfect than holding hands and looking at art.

Star Gaze: 

If it's a clear night, take advantage. Take some blankets outdoors and watch the night sky together. There's something romantic in the twinkling lights in the sky, reminding you how big the universe truly is.

Read together: 

Something me & my boyfriend have begun to do is read together. We choose a book we both want to read and take it in turns to read a chapter aloud to one another. It felt awkward and bizarre at first, but once you get over the initial weirdness, it was wonderful to get lost in a fictional world together.

Pottery Painting: 

If you want a creative activity, to keep you busy on Valentines Day, why not try pottery painting? It's usually inexpensive, it's fun and you get to take something you made home with you. You could even each paint something for the other and trade when you're done to add that extra bit of romance.


One of the best dates I've been on with my boyfriend was an ice-skating one... but I realise it's not really the season for that.  Rollerskating, or a roller-disco if you're feeling funky could be a super fun option!

Visit a new place: 

Vague I know. What I mean is, choose a city or cute village nearby that you haven't been before, somewhere that's not home but close enough that taking a day trip won't cost you the earth. Explore somewhere new together.

I hope these date ideas have inspired you! There have been times we've of course ended on less romantic dates... does the time my boyfriend took me to the recycling centre (in the early days) count as a date? Or what about the time we went to Gloucester service station just to have a look?! As fun as these both were, I'm assuming you want something a tad more romantic for V-Day, so the list above should help.

Let me know how you end up spending the big day!


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