chloe harriets wearing grey beanie hat, and leather jacket looks out to scenic view - 2020 bucket list

Alongside my 2020 goals, I decided to come up with a bucket list for the year, as there are always other, smaller things which I find myself saying "I'd love to do that" about, and sometimes there are plans I intend to make which end up forgotten.

So here's a list of the things I'd love to do and will be doing during 2020, which I'll be going through and crossing off in an attempt to hold myself accountable. I want to make the most of the year, rather than letting time get away from me, making my way through this list should help me ensure 2020 is a memorable one.

My 2020 Bucket List:

- Complete 30-day yoga challenge: I plan on starting my year with this one from yoga with Adriene 
- Pass my driving test
- Go to the Harry Potter Studio tour
- Have a spa day
- Host a dinner party
- Visit 3 new cities
- Visit a new country
- Watch a sunset
- Watch a sunrise
- Read 35 books
- Work with at least 6 brands on blogposts
- Swim in the sea
- Stargaze
- Finish writing my first book
- Learn some Italian
- Complete an escape room
- Go on a bike ride (I am a very very nervous bike rider, so this one is a big deal for me)
- Take myself out to dinner and the cinema, alone
- Go to a wedding
- Complete a charity run
- Take myself to a museum/art exhibition
- Visit 3 different museums
- Send postcards
- Paint a picture I'm proud of
- Throw a party
- Go pottery painting

chloe harriets on walk in nature, scenic view, wearing mint velvet dress, whistle leatther jacket and beanie. 2020 bucket list
What's on your 2020 bucket list?

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