Something I recently became aware of, even embarrassed by, is how boring my life is. 
I've felt stupid when I found myself lacking in fun anecdotes when friends asked me what I've been up to, and cringed as I once again said: "oh, not much really, just the usual." 
This year I did vlogmas and it seemed I spent my time editing 24 almost identical days of my life, and I put them live and felt ashamed of how repetitive my day to day is. 

My mum asked me if I always get bored of sitting in my room, for a brief moment, I felt that familiar shame, and then I realised the truth is no, I don't. 

My life is boring, there's no doubt about it, yet still, I like it, so does that really matter?

I'm a creature of habit, I'm rewatching Gilmore Girls for (I think) the 4th time, and find it so much more enjoyable now I pretty much know all of Lorelai's bits word by word. I like my routine, I find comfort in the predictable. Last-minute plans make me feel anxious, and honestly, sometimes I  would rather be in my PJs with a book than in elaborate social situation which although it might make for good stories, that doesn't mean I'll be having a good time. 

Why should I have to step out of my comfort zone if I want to? So what if I like staying home and reading? Does that make me boring? Does boring that really depends on the places we go and the people we see? The inner workings of the mind can be something of wonder, just because you don't see what's going on in somebodies head that doesn't automatically make it dull. It should cause for intrigue, not the assumption.

What if the bubbles in my bath are as exciting as I want things to get? And my idea of going a little bit wild is not setting an alarm but knowing I will most likely still be awake at 8am.

Sure, sometimes I like going for drinks with my friends, chatting to strangers and seeing where the night takes me. It's fun every now and then, but when all is said and done, I like the simple pleasures of the plants in my bedroom and a nice cup of tea. Sometimes I don't want to go to places in search of stories to tell. I like my life, as boring as it is. I like staying home and painting, crocheting and watching Netflix and falling in love with the characters in my books. Sometimes the world I create is my head is big enough for me. It might seem boring, maybe it is, but I like it, and surely that's all that matters.