I'm feeling a little silly. Silly because I made this video, where I was banging on about how I was going use the law of attraction to change my life, and how I was going to think nothing but positive thoughts. For a few weeks, I was more chipper than ever, and then I fell back into old patterns of negative thinking, of feeling defeated when I couldn't immediately see my life transformed when the bigs things remained as they were weeks before. I'm only human, so it's no surprise I can't keep up high energy and happiness all the time. Moods are supposed to be changing. One of the precious things about emotions is that they don't live in a constant state, feelings are fluid, with all emotion, there's always the option to tell yourself 'this too shall pass' and to know it to be true.

One thing I'm learning in my law of attraction journey is to take back the power, to observe how I feel and move on from it. Not to dwell. Although I built a house of sadness, I don't need to live in it.

When you feel you have little purpose, it's easy to eat up that sadness, to consume it, and live within it. Especially that lack of direction is enhanced by constant rejection, little money, loneliness and a wash of the guilt of feeling too much.

It's easy to abandon to-do lists when you feeling no one in the world would notice, you can find yourself not caring if you don't make it out of bed in the morning, and basic self-respect tends to go out of the window when you visit that house of sadness.

I'm not really sure why I wrote this post, what I was hoping to come from it. I wanted to get it off my chest, I wanted to let you know that, you will eventually knock down that house, even if when you visit the walls seem sturdier than ever.

I'm writing this as a reminder to myself. That little things count too, and as Dumbledore once said: “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Happiness doesn't always have to be grand, sometimes if you search really hard, you'll spot a glimmer through the window of your house of sadness, and that glimmer is enough.

You need darkness to appreciate the light. Let not being where you want to, motivate you to move, there's no freeze and assume this is where you belong which is something I found myself doing. And if you do freeze, overcome by sadness, remember it's never too late to begin to move again.

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