On Friday I stepped into the hairdresser and asked to get most of my mop chopped off. I didn't feel slightly nervous as I watched long hair float to the ground or saw the scissor wave goodbye to my locks.

I wanted to feel brand new, and of course, a new hairstyle is the best way to do that. 

Despite the obvious fact all a haircut changes is your appearance, there's something about having a big hair change which feels like your entire world might in fact change, and you might just become that person you always dream of being. You know the one who wakes up at 6am, does yoga and still drinks cocktails with her friends who laugh endlessly at her jokes (I'm not even slightly funny so I have 0 chance of that).  She's mindful, successful, social, and has all the time in the world.

Realistically the only way to become this new person (minus the being hilarious part because I just not a capable of that) is to change my habits, not just my hair. So now I've got new hair, it's time to work on some new habits, to give myself every possible chance of becoming a version of myself which I admire. So, I'm going to work on implementing these habits.

- Regular Yoga - I've recently got into yoga, thank you lord for Yoga with Adrienne. I'm going to 30-day yoga challenge to really push myself. When  I'm feeling brave enough I'm also going to start going to a class.

- Mediation - I am a huge fan of meditation, but it's easy to get out of the habit of doing it. I want daily mediation to become second nature. I used the Headspace or Stop, Breathe and Think app FYI.

- Running - There was a time when I used to go for a run pretty regularly. Since breaking the habit I've struggled to pick it back up, the main reasons being I'm lazy and I'm unfit. Although I'm hyper-aware that needs to change, knowing it's something I'm going to be rubbish at for a while is off-putting. It's time to leave the excuse behind however and just run.

- Painting - I love painting, I'd say I probably feel most relaxed when I paint, however, it's something I've not done once this entire yet. It's a hobby which is easy to abandon when you get 'busy', however, it's something which makes me really joyful so it's time I made the time.

- Writing Poetry - I write a lot of short poems (I post them on my Instagram and you can read some in this blog post) which honestly I don't put much thought into, I just write down whatever comes out. I want to really start dedicating time to writing poetry and begin writing some longer pieces. I want to be able to call myself a poet without feeling like a fraud.

- Gratitude Journal - This is another habit with I tend to pick up and put back down. Life always feels a little nicer when I take the time to write down the things I'm grateful for and take a moment to reflect on my wonderful life.

- Journalling - I want to start writing more stuff for me.

- 1 Second a day - On my 26th birthday I downloaded the second a day app, with the plan to film one second every day until my 27th birthday.  However, I soon realised my life can't be pretty mediocre and I am forgetful. However, I want to start picking up my phone and filming that second each day to encourage me to find the beauty in every day and make the most of my life.

- Line a day journal - I have one of those five-year line a day journals, which this year the content is looking pretty sparse on. I need to get back in the habit of writing that line each day.

- Eat Better - I'm trying to eat more good stuff and less bad stuff, simple.

- Make more time for friends, do cool things - Often I let my introvert personality type convince me that I'm better to stay home. I want to start putting more energy into my friendships and finding more cool things to do with my friends.

- Upload blogposts twice weekly - I've been doing weekly blog post for a couple of months now and although I feel the quality of my posts are better than when I tried a failed to do 3/4 posts a week, I also have found myself feeling a little lazier with blogging, leaving posts until the last minute because I've got an entire week to complete each post. I think writing two posts a week will give me a kick up the bum and still be sustainable (so look out every Monday and Fridays at 12am). Yes I know this one is going up a tad late, let's ignore that.

- Book Writing - One of my new years resolutions was to get the first draft of my book completely finished ready to start agent/publisher searching and although I've spent a bit of time on it, I've got a long way to go, I want to start getting into the habit of writing a little (or a lot) each day.

- Create Youtube Videos again - It might be obvious that I lost my motivation on my youtube channel for a while. However, I want to get those creative juice flowing and make more interesting content. I want to create more than just favourites video where I simply chat to the camera.

- Get up at 6am each day - I've set an alarm for 6am, every single day, weekends included. I'm definitely a morning person, I always feel the most motivated first thing and knowing I've given myself that extra time the morning makes me joyful, so I want early mornings to become a daily habit not just for the days the snooze button isn't calling my name.

So, I've given myself quite a list to work on. But I want to fully jump in with two feet on this. I'm trying to stop doing things half-assed, so with my full ass, I'm setting myself up for a challenge. I'm going to create a habit tracker in the bullet journal to keep on top of this, and hopefully, I'll feel brand new soon enough.

I'm still completely unsure whether I love or hate the new hair. But I am excited for the new me.

Outfit Details:

Jacket: H&M (old, similar linked)
Earring: ASOS (old, similar linked)