I thought I'd show you the things which take prize position on my bedside table, from the beauty bits to the books. Despite it being such a small space I love to play around with styling my bedside table, doing my best to make it both as functional and as pretty as possible.

The Books

which is the book I'm currently reading, this will get swapped when I'm on to the next one. 

 I like to keep a poetry book nearby and at the moment 
I am very much in love with this one.

This one is pretty much there because it's pretty. 

Kate Spade Notebook which I use as a Gratitude Journal.

The Beauty Bits:

Neom Sleep Rollerball (from a set that's been
discontinued - similar set linked!)

Neom Sleep Pillow Spray (from a set that's
been discontinued - similar set linked!)

The Pretty Bits:

Zoella Cloud Tray

A String of Hearts Plant  (potted on the dresser next to bedside table)

Crystals - gotta keep those positive energies flowing, plus they look pretty


The Functional Bits:

You may have noticed I'm clearly terrible at narrowing down photos, but more is less, right? I hope you enjoyed this sneak preview into my bedside table!