Lately, I have been stuck in a creative rut. I have been feeling uninspired and in turn, demotivated as they tend to come hand in hand for me. You may have noticed I've been a lot quieter on my Instagram and Youtube, that has simply been because the ideas haven't been flowing and I haven't wanted to put out some half-assed content for the sake of posting. Anyway, I think my spark is coming back, so I thought I'd share how I lit that fire.

Vision Boarding

Something I'd been meaning to do since I read The Secret last year was to create a vision board, but I only recently got round to it. I hadn't planned to do this day, so I didn't have a magazine I bought especially, I just used what I had. I picked out the things my eyes lingered a little longer over. This is definitely something I'll do again (I cannot wait to get myself some house magazine and plan my future home)

Go out 

Go for a walk, see your friends, treat yourself to lunch. Anything that will get into a different space. Inspiration isn't going to come if you don't see anything new.

Reorganise your space 

Your surrounding matter. If your belonging has been in the same places or too long, they begin to feel a little
lifeless. Moving them around will give energy back to
them, and make things feel a little fresher.

Ignore it 

Stop thinking "I wish I felt inspired" and concentrate
on something else.


I personally like to do yoga when I need a little mind
refresh, concentrating on your body does great things
for your mind.

Do something else creative 

I like to either paint or crochet when I'm feeling uninspired in other areas. Doing something else which is creative keeps that energy alive. This is one of the
main points of Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert I took
away with me.

Find Content That Inspires You

When I feel lost in the world of blogging, I look to the creators I love to remind me why I started, not to copy their ideas, but to simply enjoy what they create. Knowing I enjoy the things others create makes me want to create for others to enjoy. 

I'd love to hear know how you find inspiration!
Love C x