We have a tendency to stick with things because of what they once were, and what we hope they'll become again, rather than what they now are.

Relationships lose their spark, friendships fizzle and the sun sets on even the brightest of days.

When the vivid colours of a relationship fade, it easy to wish them back as you watch them dull. although something which was once wonderful is no longer there. As time ticks on while you sit back and watch something decay, the more you resent it for what it could have been for what it once was.

The thing is, what it could have been or once was, don't actually exist anymore, beyond the image in your head. It's not real. So why hold onto something mediocre for an idea, rather than something tangible.  It does not exist, nor will it ever.

Life is short, and do you really have the time to waste on something that's not bringing you all of the joy you deserve,  because it once did? Letting it become something which doesn't have the spinning in a world of happiness, only tarnishes what it once was. Once it becomes the bearer of disappointment, you soon forget the days it gave you a spring in your step.

I've fallen in love before and held onto it for too long, and now I look back to that time with a bad taste in my mouth. The passion our feelings transformed from love to anger and hurt. I feel the sting by the toxic explosion each time it crossed my mind. Saying goodbye when the love fizzled would have been enough. The joy I felt when I lived in the midst of love would be at the forefront of my mind, it would not be overshadowed by the ugly thing it grew into.

It goes beyond the realm of romantic relationships. My friend and I recently spent the day together, and it was really the most wonderful day. We talk for hours on end, occasionally interrupting each other, as we're bursting to point out what a lovely time we were having. As it was heading towards the evening, we searched for somewhere new to have a drink, and suddenly there was an overwhelm of Friday night crowds, which transformed the previously serene atmosphere. We became aware of our purse strings, and the noise surrounding us. The magic of the day was over, so we skipped the drinks, and said goodbye. On my journey home a beautiful sunset filled the clear sky. Realistically if we stay out, we would I woke up thinking "urgh I feel so hungover" "Oh I hope I didn't spend too much" "I drank so much, how embarrassing". Instead, I woke up, feeling fresh at 8am, feeling happy about how great the day before was. And I got to see that beautiful sunset.

You know sometimes predrinks are better than the night out? 

Maybe that's because things don't always need to be dragged out, and as soon as the good time comes to a stop, rather than enduring having a shit time hoping for the good times to show there face again, maybe it's just time to head home. 

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