So, today is February 14th, better known as Valentine's day.
Personally, I love Valentines Day (as you can tell by this post, this post and this post).

Whether you're single or in a relationship, I think love is something we should celebrate.

However, this day can leave those single people feeling more alone than ever - if you're single, like me, I urge you to use the day to appreciate your own company, and reach out to friends and family.

Show yourself, or the people in your life a bit of love. After all, that's what today is all about.

Here's a list of little ways we can show ourselves a bit of love Valentines day (and any other day) because you can never have too much love.

  • Buy yourself some flowers
  • Dress up nice
  • Have a nice relaxing bath, maybe go all out and stick a bath bomb in there
  • If you don't have plans, why not binge-watch your favourite show on Netflix?
  • Have a pamper evening - put on a face mask, paint your nails - anything which makes you feel good.
  • Eat whatever you want. Don't worry about it - if you want to have three desserts, have three desserts (I'm hungry while writing this, I'd love three desserts right now!)
  • Go outside Breath in the fresh air, maybe talk a walk and appreciate nature. Sometimes we don't realise how stuffy our surrounding feel until we're out of them.
  • Tell people you love them. They feel good, you'll feel good - definitely something we should do more often. 
  • Go for a run. Work-out. Although I hate doing it and usually avoid working out, I can't deny that I feel great afterwards, and it's definitely worth it for that feeling. I also like to see working out as a way to celebrate what our bodies can do, so go celebrate your body.
  • Put your phone on aeroplane mode and spend time with the people you love without scrolling.
  • Light some candles, switch on your fairy lights.
  • Get your eyebrow threaded. You've been putting it off long enough and you'll feel like a new woman afterwards.
  • Put on a nice, matching set of underwear. Even if nobody is going to see it.
  • Create something. Get out your paints, paint a picture, or write a poem, whatever you want. Use your creative energy to make something.
I hope your day is filled with love, whatever you decide to do!

Love, Chloe x