After a much needed clear out I came across a miniature suitcase, which was messily filled with photographs, which were just gathering dust, and getting ruined - I also then came across two empty scrapbooks, which I'd never got around to filling - so I decided to organise myself a bit, and put the pictures into my scrapbooks - initially for organisation sake.

I got myself a cup of tea, popped on Gilmore Girls (my obsession is back), and began putting my pictures into the books. I felt a bitter-sweet feeling as I looked through my old photographs, reminiscing on old times, and realising how much my life, my relationships and I had changed over the years. 

As my hands kept busy typing out labels, and my mind was engrossed in Gilmore Girls, while considering what which washi tape would look best, I realised I felt more content than I had in a long time. 
My need to organise my photographs soon transformed into something I love to do, the scrapbook has recently become a favourite lone pass time of mine. And I've got to say, it's so much nicer to look through my photographs now they're mainly all in one place and organised. I've filled two scrapbooks within two weeks, and I now need to buy my third. I've been trying to take more photographs - so my new hobby ties in perfectly with this goal!
I hope you enjoyed this little peek into m scrapbooks! I know they're something I'll look over in years to come.