I've slowly but surely been investing in some pieces for my wardrobe so that eventually I'll be able to do that whole capsule wardrobe thing. 
One of the first things my wardrobe shopping list was a leather jacket. This was a piece I wanted to invest in as leather jackets never really go out of fashion, and they can pull together any outfit - they are just an all-round great wardrobe staple, and it's something which I knew I'd get a whole lot of use of out. 

I went for one from Whistles, and yes it was pricey, however, I did manage to get it when they had a 20% off so I saved some pennies and I think this is a piece I'll be wearing in years to come.

This day I went for quite a layered look and a mixture of textures this day to go with the leather. I popped on a velvet skater dress, and over the top wore the gorgeous layered, pleated top from Warehouse. Also, I wore my Dune knee-length leather boots - at first, I felt unsure about the boots, but after a while, I decided I quite liked the whole matchy-matchy leather and leather look.

To break down the black (because let's be honest, there's a lot of it!) I wrapped up this blue and yellow checked scarf. I love the shade of blue, and I think it just adds a nice touch vibrancy to the very black outfit.

What do you think?

Glasses (similar linked)
Leather Jacket, similar here
Top (similar linked)
Dress (similar here) - any black velvet dress/skirt would look great!
Boots (similar linked)
Necklace similar here