I'll be honest with you, I don't think it's really been the best year of my life, and I am far from where I'd like to be in many aspects of my life, however there, of course we some great parts, as there always are - so I thought I'd do a little 2015 rewind to remember some of my favourite bits.

 Harry Potter Studio Tour - At the beginning of the year my friend Jess and I decided to do the Harry Potter Studio Tour as we are both massive Harry Potter fans. It was definitely an amazing experience that I'll remember, I found it so impressive seeing all the work that went into the films and it was incredible to see the sets right in front of me. I am definitely going to look into going back in the next year. You can see my full blog post on this here.

Valentines Roses - When Valentine's day 2015 came around I was not expecting anything as I was (and still am) very single, however, Flo my Mum's partner bought me flowers and chocolates as he was worried I'd be upset not receiving anything - as much as I would have been fine not receiving a thing, I loved that he was sweet enough to worry about me, and my room looked pretty when filled with red roses.

Family night out - Early in the year, the females in my family decided to have a get-together. Myself, my mum, my sister, my auntie, my cousin, and my cousin's wife (is cousin-in-law a thing?) all went to Turtle bay for some delicious food, we then had drinks afterwards, it's safe to say we were far from sober when we left but it was lots of fun, we don't spend enough time together as a family.

Trip to India - The most exciting thing I did during 2015 was my visit to India with my friend Jess, it was beyond amazing, and definitely somewhere I'd like to go back and see all over again. Such a wonderful culture out there, you can see my full India photo journals here, here, here, here and here

Jo's birthday - For my friend Joanne's 21st birthday she had a black-tie party which was wonderful. It was held in an amazing venue and it was a great excuse to get dressed up. It was such a good night, everyone was in great spirits and we're all looking stunning. Finally to top it off Jo's boyfriend, Tom (and my very close friend) got down on one knee and purposed. Such a special moment to be a part of. You can see my full blogpost on this here.
Hair chop - after months of debating with myself, I finally decided to chop off my super long hair into a bob, although it's in good need of a trim at the moment as it doesn't seem to stop growing, and I am so happy I finally decided to cut it all off, it will definitely be staying short a while.

 War Horse - Myself, my Mum and my Auntie Joanne had a weekend in London, where we went to see War Horse, which was an amazing show, I'd strongly recommend going to see it, we also visited Camden market, shopped and spent quality time together. It was the nicest little break. I wrote a full blogpost on this here.

Hannah birthday - For my friend Hannah's Birthday we had a night out in Bristol, we went to a few different secret bars, which made a nice change, but also it was the first time in a long time all of my close girlfriends from school had all been together which made it more special.

Catch up with Mims and Jen - After just under a year, I decide to leave my retail job, and although I do not for a second miss the job, I do miss the girls I worked with there. A few weeks back I have a needed catch up with two of the girl there, and it was just lovely, it reminded me what great friends I had made

Halloween - for Halloween 2015 I and two friends did the standard night out dress-up thing. Over the last year, I have become more interested in makeup, getting ready this Halloween was so much fun. I decided to experiment with blue makeup and a mermaid look. Honestly, I wish I had an excuse to wear this makeup everyday, and besides that, we all just had a great night dancing.
My Birthday - In November I turned the scary age of 24 (should I be adulting now? because it doesn't seem to be happening), however becoming an unwanted year older was made pretty great, because I have such lovely birthday celebrations. On my birthday, my Mum, my Sister my Auntie and I all spent the day together. In the morning we did some shopping, we went to have a browse around a Mulberry outlet centre as well as a few other shops, and in the afternoon we went for the most lovely afternoon tea. In the evening I headed to my friend Hannah's for fireworks and takeaway with a friend, and finally to top it all off, the day after I have a night out with close friends.

Ice skating with John - A few weeks before Christmas I spent the day with my Auntie and Uncle. Originally the plan for their great niece (I think?) to come ice skating, me and Jolie (the little one) would go Ice Skating and John and Carol would watch, however when the day came around Jolie didn't end up coming so I managed to convince my Uncle John to get on the ice with me. When Jolie couldn't make it, a selfish part of me couldn't help but be pleased I got to spend quality time with my uncle.
Christmas - This year Christmas was wonderful, as it always is. I just spent Christmas at home with family, but sometimes that's just what you need. I also got very spoilt and got spend lots of time with loved ones which are always appreciated.

These are just some highlights which came to mind when I scrolled through facebook pictures, of course I had many other amazing moment throughout the year (and some not so amazing ones, but let's not talk about those).

I hope you had an amazing 2015, and an even better 2016.