A few days ago I changed into my new pyjamas, made myself a cuppa tea and sat on my bed reading the little book of Hygge, and I think I felt more relaxed than I have in a long time. 

I'd only recently bought the star print pj's from M&S (no longer available, similar linked), they are made from the softest fabric ever, and they're pink, which I seem to be obsessed with at the moment so I couldn't say no. So cute and so comfy! There's something very special about putting on a new cosy set of pj's (or maybe I'm just bit of a granny!).

Alongside this who couldn't find joy in reading The Little Book of Hygge?! It's such an aesthetically pleasing book - literally, every page is filled with beautiful photography and wonderful illustrations - and I'm pretty sure reading about Hygge makes me feel more Hygge. Hygge is definitely something I'm trying to incorporate into my everyday life. I'm only halfway through the book and I already know this lifestyle is something I value.

I'd definitely recommend taking some time out of your day to put on your cutest, comfiest clothes, and flick through a lovely book, and think about nothing more. Sometimes it's good to give yourself a bit of peace.