My friend Hannah and I, recently spent the day wandering along Gloucester Road - despite living the Bristol, I rarely explore the area, so it was a great way to spend the day. We stopped at the cutest place for some brunch.

We both eyed up the adorable outdoor seating area as we were passing. We were drawn in by the fairy lights, lanterns, and blankets - so we decided Zazu's Kitchen would be perfect for brunch.
 When we headed inside, I noticed it was fairly busy and there was a good atmosphere! We must have hit the lunchtime rush, as there were not many dining tables for a while, but we were more than happy to sit in the window at the coffee table catching up over a berry and hibiscus tea.

We both ordered a breakfast - vegetarian for myself, and Hannah went for full English and got moved to a larger table as it began to quieten down. The service was quick, but there was a slight wait to move tables - but that was only due to the busy time of day - our food was actually fast to arrive considering the busy time, and it was also yummy! The didn't skimp on the veggie option, which is always good news!
The food was good, the atmosphere was good, the prices were good, and in my case the company was good! I'd definitely recommend popping into Zazu's Kitchen if you looking for somewhere grab a bite to eat in Bristol.

I'm looking forward to going back in when it gets warmer, as the outdoor seating area, looks so lovely!

If you have more recommendations for food places I should try in Bristol, please let me know! It's probably time I started taking advantage of what Bristol has to offer!

Love, C x