I decided to book a last-minute week off work next week, as it was all getting a bit much, and I felt the need for a bit of chill time. Obviously, I want my week off to be as productive as possible, however, as well as getting all of my boring errands done - you know, go to the bank, book a doctor's appointment, the usual stuff we tend to push to the side because we're busy working, I also want to make sure I do some stuff just for me - all the stuff I intend to make time for, but never do - the things that sometimes feel a little to time indulgent to be doing when you're working full time and have a to-do list as long as your arm anytime you're out of the office.

So here's my week off, time indulgent to-do list:
  • Paint - I love painting, and I got back into it a few months back, however, the painting which I've been working on has gone untouched for weeks, I'm going to make sure I dedicate some time to finishing my painting.
  • Take my camera for a walk - I have a growing love for photography, but I rarely take pictures with no end goal, they're usually for the blog - I'm going to go outside with my camera and take some pictures for the sake of taking pictures.
  • Read - I already read plenty, but I can always read more. 
  • Scrapbook - I bought a scrapbook and photo album months ago with the plan to go through my book of photos, put them in the scrapbook and photo album and really sort them. It has been months, and my box of photos, my photo album and scrapbook are still sat under my bed untouched.
  • Have a lie-in - I mean I occasionally have a lie-in on Sundays - but I always set an alarm - I think I have a fear I won't wake up until evening or something. But I'm going to turn off my alarm and have a proper lie-in (I'm excited for this!)
  •  Bake - I'm awful at baking but my rare attempts are always fun so I'm going to attempt to cook up something yummy.
  • Spend the day with my mum - my Mum is my favourite person, but we rarely spend the day together, so we're going to go out shopping together which I'm excited about.
  • Vlog - I think I'm going to vlog the week! I've never done a weekly vlog before, but I really enjoy vlogging so I'm going to film my week.
Now I've got my list together, I'm super excited to have a week off work to concentrate on myself a little bit!