I've recently found a new nail polish love! It's from Essie (they do the best shades don't they?!), and it's a colour unlike any I've ever worn on my nails before - which is a lot of the reason I love it so much, you may disagree, but I think it is more than your bog-standard nail colour. 
Satin Sister is a dark green shade, with a navy blue tinge to it. From a distance, this nail polish almost looks black - but it is just a little more exciting than a black polish.
The formula of this nail varnish is pretty good as they go - it will chip after a couple of days, but what nail polish doesn't? 
The formula is also lovely, it paints on easily and you can get away with just one coat if you're in a rush, and it also doesn't seem to take too long to dry.
The only problem with the statement colour is any chipping really shows as it's quite a dark shade, but that just means it's time for a repaint!

I think this colour is beautiful and will look stunning with any outfit, as although it's a bit of a statement, it's dark and neutral enough to just add a touch of sophistication to a look.

What do you think of this shade?