Recently I've gone a little face mask crazy! As my skin has not been looking its greatest, I've been trying different face masks in hope to sort it out, whilst having a bit of a pamper!

So here's the lowdown on some of the masks I've been trying...

Firstly I've got the Peel and Polish from Pixi. I know, technically this is not a mask - but I've been using it a fair bit lately, so thought it deserved a mention. This feels kind of scrub like on the skin, and leaves tingly sensation whilst on the skin. My face seems a lot smoother after using this, I think it noticeably gets rid of dead skin cells, which leaves my skin looking more alive. You only have to keep this on for 5 minutes, so it's pretty quick to use. You also need to use SPF with this. It's £26 - so not the cheapest, but I think you can definitely see the difference in your skin.

For Blemishes, I have been using The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mask. This green mask goes on thick like a clay mask and feels very fresh on the skin. As the mask dries you can feel your skin tighten. I have noticed reduced redness after using this, and any problem areas seemed to have sorted themselves out shortly after using this mask. I think this mask is great for blemish - but I wouldn't use it if I were blemish free, as my skin is on the dryer side, and this is recommended for more oily skin types - however it's great when it comes to targeting spots and redness. This mask is only £11, which I think is pretty good as I feel it makes a visible difference to my skin.

 Another green mask I have is from Lush. It's the Love Lettuce mask which is one of their fresh face masks which you keep it in the fridge - so it's always cool when you apply it and I have a feeling it also has an expiry date, which is something to be aware of. You can tell from the texture and the smell this is an all-natural mask, which honestly, I both like and dislike. The texture of it is quite lumpy and grainy so it doesn't feel all that nice to put onto your skin, I also dislike the scent - some people, however, seem to really like the scent. I love that it contains very few ingredients (11 to be exact) so I can be aware of exactly what I'm putting on my face, The skin again tightens as the mask dries. When you wash the mask off it feels quite exfoliating, and it leaves the skin feeling much fresher, and looking less dull. This one is priced at £6.95 - so the cheapest of the lot so far - it's worth the cost, but I'm definitely interested in trying the other Lush fresh face masks to see if they've got anything to target the dryness in my skin (and recommendation would be great!)

I have two sheet masks which I've used recently. The first I've heard quite a lot about before I used it, so I had some expectation. It's the Garnier Moisture Bomb tissue mask. This literally does what it says. It gives you a surge of moisture which is great (especially when you've got skin like mine) but I do find it's a bit of a pain in the ass to put on and isn't really comfortable to wear. This is also only £1, and you can get it in pretty much any Boots or Superdrug, so it's a good one to pick up if your skin is feeling particularly dry. I also like that you can just do it as a one-off, whereas a lot of masks are to be done 2-3 times a week. This mask did live up to my expectations - I just would have liked it to have felt a better fit on my face.

Lastly, I have the Cat Nip Sheet Mask by Nails Inc. I really enjoyed using this mask -it feels as though it both moisturises and nourishes your skin. It's also a better fit and more comfortable to wear than the Garnier mask - it was, however, more expensive at £5, it's pricey for sheet masks - but it seemed to make my skin look more alive. The actually mask has a cat on it too which is pretty cute. It did leave quite a lot of residue on my skin after use, so I spent a while attempting to rub it all in.

I did also make a video on using these masks so you can see the masks in action and hear my immediate thoughts...

If you've tried any of these masks before, or have a recommendation for me, please comment below to let me know!
My skin is definitely is a better state than it was. Thank God for face masks!