Today I finished work and before heading to see some of my closest friends I decided to get some skincare I'd be after for a while, and as I knew my friend Jaynie wanted to try out the same product, so I decided to be good like egg and pick her up a set of her own.

As I carried on walking through the Mall, I got to M&S I stopped to look at the flowers (because who doesn't stop to admire flowers?!) and it made me think how lovely it is to receive flowers, so I decided to pick up a bunch, not for myself this time, but for my friend Gina - just because I thought it would make her smile, and then I realised the thought of it made me smile too (cheesy I know). However, I acknowledged how lovely it feels to treat your friends.

If people are good to you, you should show your appreciation, even when it's not expected for you. If you've got a bit of spare money, you should think about getting a little treat for your friends and family - because it's nice to be nice. I think it made my day, as well as there's!