Towards the end of 2016, myself and my friend Jess has a weekend away in Bruges. Despite only being there for a few days, I found it was plenty of time to fall in love with the city. 
Going towards the end of November meant that everything felt very festive and Christmas markets were in full swing - there were a little smaller than I would have liked but adorable nonetheless. 
Alongside browsing the more unique Christmas markets, we also found time to hit some of the high street stores - yes I know there in a H&M in the local mall where I work, however that does not mean I didn't feel the need to look in the one in Bruges, and the Zara, of course - I swear everything is just better when you're away from home?!
The food was also delicious, the menus not being in English (and being pescatarian) made ordering a little challenging (and also made me realise it's time I learnt a new language|), I found myself sticking to fish - I had a prawn salad pretty soon after we arrived and it was heavenly, so I felt the need to order fish for every meal. All so yummy!
Alongside the meals there was, of course, the Belguim chocolate - I mean seriously yum. Being cold November weather it was the perfect hot chocolate weather, and the hot chocolate was unlike any I'd ever tasted before, so thick and creamy!  I was amazed when I was brought out a hot milk with a stick of chocolate to stir into it - according to my friend they do that some places at home - I still loved it, though. Even thinking of it is making my mouth water.
Bruges is such a lovely picturesque city, it's definitely worth a trip. I loved taking my camera through all the pretty little streets because everything was just so stunning.

Have you visited Bruges before? What did you think?