Hey Guys,

So recently I've been enjoying having colourful nails, I'm not a fan of acrylic nails, so I've found myself being more creative, and keen to paint my fingers  (I used to be obsessed with painting my nails and the addiction slowly died out.. it seems it's coming back). This week I decided to experiment with rainbow, pastel colour nails which seemed perfect for the summer season (although the raindrops hitting my window doesn't quite say summer, still it is actually July).
hand with pastel painted nails

This nail look was definitely a bit more exciting, and such a simple way to make nails a more interesting feature. I have also received a fair few compliments on my nail like this which is always nice!

Barry M Nail Polishes in Pastel Shades

Barry M Nail Polishes in Pastel Shades

 All the colours used for this nail look are from Barry M, as I've said before I am a big fan of Barry M nail polish (when I went through my phase of being obsessed with painting my nails, Barry M nail polish came alongside this. At one point I owned every nail polish they sold, crazy!), anyway they are affordable, long-lasting and have a good range of colours to choose from.
In the pictures you'll see I've included two shade of pink, this is because I originally used the paler pink and then decided to go over it with the dark pink as I felt that colour was much paler than the rest (so it's the darker pink in the photo of my painted nails)

close up of nails painted in pastel shades

barry m nail polishes in pastel shades
Barry M Nail Paint

Shades here from left to right:

  • 306 Blueberry Ice Cream
  • Mint Green (I think, the sticker has come off)
  • 307 Lemon Ice Cream
  • 318 Peach Melba
  • 309 Strawberry Ice Cream
  • 340 Dragon Fruit (Gelly Hi-Shine Finish)

It does not exactly nail art, I know, but it's certainly more interesting than plain nails!
Please excuse my bad nail painting, I know I'm not the best at it.
Hope you like this look.
How you are being creative with your nails this summer?